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F1: From Ricciardo-Sainz to Lewis Hamilton's wrong hole, when the first sends the pits to the tilt

F1: From Ricciardo-Sainz to Lewis Hamilton’s wrong hole, when the first sends the pits to the tilt

Official Formula 1 channel posted an audio clip of McLaren during the Spanish Grand Prix calling Daniel Ricardo as Carlos Sainz, who in 2021 transferred to Ferrari from the British team. But there’s no shortage of precedents, from Lewis Hamilton to Sebastian Vettel

The end of a work relationship always leaves some consequences, especially in the sports world. However, the consequences aren’t always severe: In some cases, the results can be … funny. McLaren knows something about it, who in the Spanish Grand Prix becomes the protagonist in a dramatic slip. It was also revealed on social media through the official F1 profile, at the time Daniel Ricciardo was called to the pits, the engineer turned Australian with the nickname Carlos, and exchanged it for a moment with Sainz, the driver who took it from him. A place in the meantime passed to Ferrari. But if nothing else, at Woking they will console themselves by thinking they’re in good company about a slip up with past teams.

Dear mercedes f1 … nico

Mercedes also faced this slip in the immediate aftermath of Nico Rosberg’s farewell, at the end of the 2016 World Cup. His replacement, Valtteri Bottas, had to live with the memory of the German champion and not just by speaking. In fact, at the 2017 Chinese Grand Prix, they addressed the Finnish driver from the pits they nicknamed “Nikko”. The correction came only later. However, Bottas didn’t get much upset, as he crossed the finish line in third place.

Hamilton Confuso

Drivers are also strongly affected by the team change. Even the elderly can wander in front of the old stable. It happened with Lewis Hamilton during the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2013. The move from McLaren to Mercedes recently took place. But during the race, the English champion was lost for a moment and, at the moment of stopping, stopped at the court of the former team. The embarrassment and surprise in the pits for a few moments, just in time to let Hamilton fix the fatal mistake.

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Vettel and Memories of Red Bull

Changing teams also means leaving your past behind. It’s hard to do, when four world titles have been celebrated with this team. Although three years had passed since his farewell, Sebastian Vettel returned to Austin to participate in the 2017 American Grand Prix for a few moments as a driver for Red Bull. Worth a pit stop during an FP3 that happened with Ferrari right in front of the Austrian team’s garage. A bad joke that played, perhaps, by force of habit for six years.