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If a piece breaks in the car, throw it away: These models remain with the mechanic for life  8 months waiting for spare parts

If a piece breaks in the car, throw it away: These models remain with the mechanic for life 8 months waiting for spare parts

Be careful about the car you buy: this car stays at the mechanic for months

Be careful of the car model you choose because it could be your undoing. If a piece of it breaks, say goodbye to it forever.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that a component of our car breaksA, and at this point there is a hassle: you have to go immediately to the mechanic to order the new part, and hope that it will arrive soon.

The most popular items usually arrive within a few days, or a couple of weeks at most, however Sometimes it may happen that you have to wait up to a month before receiving the item.

If it's not an important component but just aesthetics then no problem; It's different if we urgently need that piece for driving: in this case You should definitely use a free car.

Just think that there are some car models that stay with the mechanic for a long time: if a part breaks, It may take up to 8 months before you are seen again. Be careful about the cars you buy.

Spare parts from mechanic

When we have to change a part in the car, we cannot save: We must rely on someone who is an expertOtherwise, you risk making the situation worse. First of all, an honest person will have to share with you the cost of parts and labor and also give an indication of how long the repair will take; This way you can get an idea of ​​how much you will spend and decide who to entrust it to.

Not everyone knows that the workshop is legally obligated to issue a guarantee certificate for the interventions performed. The warranty is usually valid for two years on parts that the mechanic supplies himself, while if you bring in parts that you have bought elsewhere, the component vendor will have to offer you a warranty. It is usually better to rely entirely on a reliable workshop, however With these models you run the risk of seeing your car again after about a year: Spare parts take a long time to arrive.

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car mechanic
These car models stay with the mechanic forever

Disaster for these two models

The two car manufacturers targeted by the complaints are DR and EVO, both Italian brands that are generally very popular, also because of their low prices, but have recently risked going bankrupt on their own. In fact, these two houses were discovered They do not produce their parts in Italyas they would have you believe with their commercials, but in China, this was clearly not well received by motorists who felt cheated.

Doubt also arose due to the fact that in the event of a breakdown, it takes months and months for spare parts to arrive. The situation got so bad that the Antitrust Authority had to intervene to understand what was happening. The authority confirmed that the two companies, both under the umbrella of DR Automobiles, engaged in misleading advertising, whether online or on television. Investigations are still ongoing, but for motorists, it's already been done: 8 months of waiting for a spare part is too much for anyone.