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“Identity theft from Claudio Dorigon”

“Identity theft from Claudio Dorigon”

Claudio Dorigon reported identity theft. “After the espionage scandal, which was largely silenced, another disturbing piece of news emerged in the past few hours: Undersecretary Claudio Dorigon reported an identity theft that was used to open a company in his name (in London) – We read in a memo from the association – that Dorejon filed a complaint after being informed by the media. We are facing another disturbing incident, a real attack on democracy. The affectionate and convincing solidarity of the entire Association goes to Dorigon.”

“History repeats itself: in the midst of the election campaign, and just a few days before the vote, another attack on the League emerged – says the Senator from the League Stefania Bucciarelli, group leader in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee – reported to his friend Undersecretary Claudio Dorejon an identity theft that could have been used to open a company in his name (in London). As with the spying scandal, this time too everything will be resolved with nothing reported being true. However, there is still concern about the position of completely imaginary accusations, which is characteristic of a particular left, often made very subtly, or on the eve of elections. Bad pages of democracy.

The association’s representative also intervenes Igor Izzy: “What happened to Undersecretary Durigon, who reported the identity theft, is alarming. It is a very serious episode, and another to the detriment of our party, after the border file that came to light a few months ago and which was shrouded in incomprehensible silence. Solidarity with Durigon: We hope that it will be resolved Provide immediate clarity at all levels on an issue of concern.

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