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Don't settle for just any console in the bathroom: the best proposals for a refined environment

Don't settle for just any console in the bathroom: the best proposals for a refined environment

The bathroom console, more than just an object, is the element that defines the style of the room: it must be chosen carefully, paying attention to detail.

Just choose Faulty bathroom controller, and the room becomes unmonitorable. What many do not know is that care is in the details, but above all this does not depend on the cost of the product, but on the way it relates to the rest of the elements. There is no need to spend large sums of money, or worse, go crazy to buy something “unique”. What is required is to realize this Every corner of the house reflects its own style, And that a little imagination is needed in the above-mentioned element.

What is a bathroom console? This is the ceramic part found in furniture. In fact, style details are important. Since it is this piece of furniture that sets the mood of the room. Do you prefer classic or urban style? Ceramics defines exactly that. So, how do you choose the right option?

You start from an idea and then make it tangible using well-defined choices that satisfy and recreate the desired environment. From texture to coloring, to pairing: that's it Impeccable driving so you don't miss anything!

Bathroom console, which is best suited? With this guide you can choose the right option!

As mentioned earlier, a bathroom is a room that reflects the taste of the person who furnished it, but this goal is not always achieved. Sometimes, what's wrong is the truth The properties of some materials are not well knownIn other cases it is precisely due to neglect, as it is thought to be merely a “room of second importance”. But this is not the case at all, Because the bathroom and bedroom are the most intimate personal rooms, So it must fully reflect the taste of the person who lives there.

How to choose a bathroom console

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What style do you want? Metropolitan, classic or with hanging furniture? What are their differences? Without a doubt, in the first case we appreciate a modern and comfortable style at the same time. Function is the key word, and a great deal of style follows suit. What do you choose? Reflective surfaces “mirror” neutral colors and metallic inserts. As it turns out, it's the details that change everything. “Minimalist” sinks, that's the line to follow to get that mood.

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The style is completely different Classico, It has a painted base and delicately plays on the gold detailing on the feet and handles. The wash basins are completely rectangular in shape and rest on granite bases. The jewel that adorns the environment are the mirrors that are strategically placed, recreating a classic, elegant space, but with a lot of charm.

Finally, if you want to stick to one style Contemporary, and even more “essential”, It is good to choose hanging furniture. It is very modern, practical and good looking. They are ideal for enhancing tight spaces, and therefore small homes. But this is not a boring style, because the sink can be placed in an original way, for example in a corner, in order to give more movement even if it is a small space.

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