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“I love Putin, he is the perfect man for me”

“I love Putin, he is the perfect man for me”

There is no peace for Alfonso Signorini: another controversy engulfed the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. It’s all the fault of the new competitor, the Moroccan model Dan SaberWho indulged in lamentable remarks about Vladimir Putin. During a conversation in the garden with Sarah Altobello and Attilio Romita – who spoke about his encounters with great world leaders, including former President of the United States George Bush – Dana lifted herself up in a GF Vip as she talks about put it in: “My favorite. I love him. If you ask me who my perfect man is, I’ll tell you.”

Dana Saber, Putin and Big Brother Phoebe

Dana Saber’s statements that unleashed the storm on social media. Some have even called for serious action before Big Brother VIP. “Honestly, it’s a shame I have to say this, with all he has done and is doing on Ukrainian soil. He deserves a disqualification. GF So what do we do? Or do we only rule out when we need to clean up our image? “ One user wrote on Twitter while another pointed out: “This is worth more than blasphemy to me. It sucks.”

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