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"I hit you all."  Maxi breakout: Captured

“I hit you all.” Maxi breakout: Captured

He had absolutely no problems: He went to work and to the gym, despite contracting Sars-CoV-2 and developing symptoms of Covid. A man has been arrested that has infected at least 22 people in Mallorca, Balearic Islands.

Positive in Covid, went to work and to the gym: 22 infected

Spanish island police informed him. After the outbreak of the disease in Manacor three months ago, the police opened an investigation on the basis of some information according to which a worker in a food factory “had contracted the virus but had hidden his illness.”

Eight people contracted the virus after direct contact with the man at the workplace and in the gymnasium he attended and 14 others indirectly. The detainee had gone to his place with a fever of up to 40 degrees and wandered around the plant without a mask, threatening to infect his colleagues. Five of his colleagues were infected and, in turn, spread the virus among family members. For a total of 22 infections in the Balearic island, which has long had no cases of coronavirus infection recorded. None of the 22 injured sought hospital treatment.

According to what emerged from the investigations, the man, at the end of a working day, after seeing that his health was not improving, finally went to a medical center for a PCR test. However, instead of staying home in quarantine awaiting the result, as stipulated in the protocol, he decided to go to work the next day and then go to the gym to exercise. Both his colleagues and the plant manager ordered him to go home several times because he was waiting for the test results and he had to remain isolated as a precaution. He did not listen to it.

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He roamed without a muzzle and coughed: I’ll prepare you all.

During the interrogation, some building workers said that the detainee had a 40-degree fever that day and was wandering around the factory with the muzzle underneath, coughing severely, and saying, “I’ll promise you all.” Staff tried to walk away from him because they were sure he had Covid. Later in the day, the medical center informed him that he had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The facility workers were quarantined and subjected to a PCR test. Five employees were infected, and they, in turn, transmitted the virus to many relatives, including three children as young as one year old. In the gym that the man attended those days, three more people were infected, which in turn spread the virus to the people around them as well. The final balance was 22 injured.

After his appearance in court on Friday, the man was released and charged with injury.

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