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"I do not seek sight, I say what I see"

“I do not seek sight, I say what I see”

I’m not looking for visibility “, I just want to say what I saw on that ship. Actor Matteo Salvini was quoted as testifying in the open arms investigation into the allegations Richard Carey, Gave an exclusive interview to the Guardian. “I know nothing about politics, I do not know the accused in this case. I do not like them badly (Salvini, et al.), My concern is about the most affected people. It moves me – the actor says – I was a witness, nothing more, nothing less No, if they ask me I can share it with the rest of the world “As far as politics is concerned, I do not support one way or the other, or what the Italians should do. This is for Italians only, “he said.

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Says Kerr I do not know the leader of the Salvini League or the leader of the Italian brothers, Georgia Meloni He is accused of seeking vision. “I do not know these people, I’m never met them, but I doubt they ever had the time to get on board and gain human experience and understand the real people they influence. It would be another conversation. I do not see myself as a film actor. Seven billion people live on this planet. I am one of the people and no one is better or worse than anyone else.

When called to testify, the actor explains that he simply “will tell the truth.” Let me tell you my experience. I will speak for those who do not give voice. This is not about me … I am only a witness“Kerr boarded the Open Arms to help the migrants.”

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Ready Salvini’s answer: “Someone warns the American millionaire that, thanks to my action in government, we have halved the number of deaths and disappearances in the Mediterranean and ensured a decent reception for genuine refugees.” – Ignoring the Italian laws and judging them would not make a good impression, and if they left him indifferent deaths, sufferings, and illegitimacy, Christianity and unity would be too little for him. I do not value him as a man and an actor, I do not determine the laws of his country, he avoids judging Italy and the Italians.