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“I despise you ...”: it ends with a “quarrel” between Rubio and Mintana

“I despise you …”: it ends with a “quarrel” between Rubio and Mintana

The outbreak of clashes between Israel and Palestine also reignited the debate on this issue in our country. Supporters of one faction and the other faction returned to confront each other on social networks and one of the most enthusiastic commentators is Gabriel Roubini, also known as Blond chef. To tell the truth, the former TV chef has never stopped defending the Palestinian cause in recent years, always with a cruel and aggressive tone, to the point of (and often exceeding) insults to those who express an idea different from his own. There is also one of the most prominent personalities targeted by Chef Rubio on the Palestinian cause Enrico Mintana, Manager Tg La7, who just hours before suffered another attack by greasy and greasy TV.

To spark another spark against Enrico Mintana by Chef Rubio, there was a post the journalist posted on his Facebook profile: “at The Israeli-Palestinian conflict There is no right or wrong side, the fault of one and the cause of the other, the absolute truths of this or that. Only those who do not know that region, that intertwining of religions and races, colonialism and collusion, past defeats and victories, can deal with another conflict in progress as if it were a Champions League match between the favorite team and the opponent. Most disliked: And here on social networks this is the prevailing situation“.

Then Enrico Mentana continues:So, Israel practices apartheid and the Palestinians are terrorists, and any peace track is a scam. It is a game of the captured party, land Fanatics, Which starts from certainty, from being on the right side, which must be guarded with harshness and inflexibility, shows itself more aggressive than those who think in the opposite direction, and makes the scorched earth in the area of ​​doubt. More and more it will be so, in the ceremonial explosion of social hatred, until the security of peace and borders is provided to Israel and the state and land of the Palestinian people. It is called peace“.

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Chef Rubio did not think twice about attacking Enrico Mintana and as usual he verbally attacked the journalist on social media:I cannot accept the idea that a man could even think of something like that, that a journalist could write such a text full of Zionist propaganda without any colleague saying anything. Mintana, you are one of those people contempt The most in the world, proud of herMintana Sulaymani’s attitude sparked further excitement for the former TV chef:And cheers down. I understand? Dumb people like him! I say bo … but study first and then like. As if I put myself in admiring the tweets from neurosurgeons presenting comparative theses … if I don’t know c … at most I read and keepWhen it is said that he defends the plurality of thought.