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Starfield, released in 2021?  Microsoft already has ads ready -

Starfield will come out much farther than people think, according to Jason Schreier –

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer wanted to put an end to the flock of rumors about date of publication From Starfield In 2021, we’re talking about a launch in a much longer time than people think. According to his sources, he might even arrive 2023, Although it may happen at the end of 2022, as specified in another tweet. A villain doesn’t usually speak randomly, that is, when he does because he believes he has valid and shareable information (what he reported hardly turns out to be a liar).

These rumors continue to circulate around Starfield (Sinister comments on one of the latest rumors about the game Ed)But the truth is that the game is not nearing completion yet, according to several secret sources close to the developer. It will be at E3, but the launch date they told me about is way beyond what many people are expecting. I meant so that people wouldn’t understand wrong expectations.

What many don’t realize is that Bethesda Game Studios, including MD Office, all worked on Fallout 76 until launch. The Starfield team was very young until 2019. Rumors that they wanted the game planned for 2020 or late in production were untrue.

As you can see, a sinister speech came to comment on another rumor that he would like the game to be ready for some time and released in 2021. To find out the truth, we just have to wait for E3 2021, as it is now almost certain that Microsoft and Bethesda will introduce Starfield and where A possible release date will be suggested, according to Schreier.

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