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Juve salvata da Chiesa e De Ligt: uomini del popolo, non di Allegri

Juventus saved Chiesa and de Ligt: men of the people, not Allegri | first page

In the end, Federico Chiesa and Matthijs de Ligt decided on it. Two players announced by Max Allegri as safe owners on the eve of Spezia – Juventus. The two players that Juventus have called up in the first place as Juventus icons should look forward and instead hold back. There has been a lot of talk, even too much, about the youth factor at this point in Juve’s initial crisis. Also because Allegri has talked so much about it, he doesn’t seem to take a particularly cohesive line from one ad to the next. After Milan, the Juventus coach’s anger also erupted at Chiesa for not entering as he should, because he did not do what he should have done: hunger and talent are good, but Allegri wants more from those who are well dressed. The white and black shirt, despite all that has already appeared between Juventus and the national team. After Milan, Allegri has also focused attention on what Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini are doing, at a level and continuity that De Ligt cannot yet reach according to Max Thien. Then before La Spezia moved on to talk about experience and not age, the word “young” for Allegri seemed particularly indigestible. Whatever it was, in the end they thought about it against Spezia: Chiesa and De Ligt. ANSWERS – Two strong and clear answers have been added to them by Moise Kean (goals and not just him) and Manuel Locatelli (a mysterious and rescue work on the Simply Vital Line). And if De Ligt will remain co-owner of the management behind Bonucci and ChielliniAnd With the captain who would need particularly careful management, however, it was emphasized that the church would probably be necessary. Allegri’s general requests and feedback are all good, football isn’t just attacking with your head down or giving your all. But his hunger for the church, his desire to never give up, and his crystalline class are factors that this Juve can’t really seem to do without. Right or left, maybe a second attacker: it’s up to Allegri to find a place and have him occupy it constantly, using it only when the match is underway, is a waste that Juve can’t afford, not now. He’s a leader, he’s a champion, and the fact that he can still improve is just an advantage.

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