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How much does it cost to publish a book?

How much does it cost to publish a book?

All writers, whether they are amateurs or not, have their own book publishing in their drawer. But what is the cost of publishing one?

We can immediately say that a file Publication cost It can be divided between the author and the publisher, or weighed against just one of them. It is about dividing small, medium and large publishing houses or those based on self-publishing or not. In fact, the publishing world Today it is broken down in this way, and more often than not the author of the book is asked to anticipate a portion of the expenses needed to publish.

In the case of paid publishing, the role of the publishing house is to make an adaptation of the book, from manuscript to text with cover and Isbm code. Instead, by publishing with a publishing house, you sign a contract and get an advance on your work, in addition to working on the book. Finally, self-publishing is a solo journey full of dangers.

Finally, we should also talk about Publication costIndeed, book production has both fixed costs and additional costs. Let’s find out what the deployment stages are and what the total costs are.

How to publish a book: stages

Publish a book with the extension Free publishing house It’s not easy. Manuscripts are sent to publishing houses every day and there is a physical need to read the material to select future works. For selection, the publishing house focuses on the screening stage, which starts from the email body, to the abstract of the manuscript submitted.

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Once contacted by the publishing house, if you like the draft of the book, you will have to face several knowledge, introductory and design interviews with a particular editor. At this point, information about the future of book publishing is received, such as editing the text, characters, etc. Over the working monthsAfter the contract is signed, the shape and colors of the books, and therefore the costs owed by the publishing house, are started.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

If the publication is done through a publishing house, the author does not have to think of anything other than working on his own book. On the other hand, if it is a publication with a paid publishing house or a self-produced product, the costs become very obvious to the author.

So come Fixed costs and additional costs to pay. For example, fixed costs include allocating Isbn code, its cost starts from about 80 euros plus VAT. The code fits the back of the file Coverage, as well as a fixed expense. You can’t leave the book naked, so you can choose a picture, drawing, or graphic to insert on both sides. Design can have a varied cost, but online photos and images also cost money when used for commercial purposes. The image itself needs an expert. For this in total, we can talk about the calculation 100-150 euros per photo Or drawing, etc €100 minimum for expert work.

The book consists of pages and The minimum cost per page is 0.03 EUR. However, the cost is lower with more copies and to amortize costs, it is better to publish fewer copies than to publish fewer copies. These pages need to be corrected by an expert. In the publishing house, the editor takes care of it, and outside it is necessary to make use of a file their own account. This can be required to pay per volume (from 2.5 to 7 euros), where “folder” means part of a text 1800 or 2000 characters including spaces. It will then be necessary to contact the proofreader to remove the latest typos. The cost of this profession ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 euros per page.

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Finally, the biggest cost is marketing and the distribution. The book to be sold must be physically transported to places and located in the area if ordering online for immediate delivery. He can understand doing something independently, between the boxes and the car, presenting the book in bookstores and on holidays. After all, this is the most different part of self-publishing, but also for the publishing house.