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Maximum tax fraud of 1.8 billion euros: "invoices for non-existent activities to save VAT".  Also investigate Auchan and Gs

Maximum tax fraud of 1.8 billion euros: “invoices for non-existent activities to save VAT”. Also investigate Auchan and Gs

This is an accusation 1.8 billion maximum tax fraud The Euro was discovered during an investigation by the Economic and Financial Police Financial police Coordinated by Milan and prosecutors Nicola Rosado And Stefano Civardi. Among the suspects are two giants of large-scale distribution for the law on corporate governance liability. GSControlled by CarrefourAnd Achan They have been there for that 60 million euros were seized (33.8 first and 26.2 second) against the trial judge in a total of 260 15 companies.

Precautionary measures concern some entrepreneurs from Brescia and Campania. Gianpaolo RagagniAuchan’s former head of procurement was fired in 2019 and later replaced Distribution of Apulia. Among the suspects are 39 natural persons and 7 legal persons, including the former finance director of Auchan. Franco Castagna. But Fiamme Gialle’s operations run from Milan to Turin, Rome, Naples, Ancona, Brescia, Lodi, Vicenza, Rimini, Padua, Salerno and Potenza in various provinces. Controversial offenses for various reasons Criminal Society And Tax fraudSpecifically “fraudulent notification by use of invoices for non-existent transactions, omission of notification and issuance of invoices or other documents for non-existent transactions”.

system Carousel Fraud Covers the period from 2015 to 2021 and is organized with two different techniques: first, through Letters for the wrong purpose One is the purchase of goods from Italian suppliers without applying VAT, and the other is through purchases from suppliers in other countriesEuropean union Without applying VAT in this case. Thus, “large-scale supply chains, the ultimate beneficiaries of the fraud, would have received – lawyers explain – a Unnecessary tax savings has been connectedFailure to pay VAT by companies The missing merchant“. Large-scale distribution groups would have contributed to the scheme of evasion and profit-making as middlemen in sales between various companies of the circuit that ended up at the center of the investigation. A GS employee who handled the accounting was also allegedly implicated, one of the suspects admitted.

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“Investigations carried out through financial investigations in a dense network of banking relationships and through the analysis of numerous accounting and non-accounting documents, were further supported by information obtained by the General Command of the Guardia de Finanza from the police cooperation known as EMPACT (European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats).