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Home Ministry official's wife defends herself: "Because I'm under investigation"

Home Ministry official’s wife defends herself: “Because I’m under investigation”

Following a crackdown on illegal hiring in Phojia, 16 personal precautionary measures were issued and 10 companies were placed under judicial control. Among them was the wife of the prefect Michael de Barry, First from Foggia, and until December 11 last was the head of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior. Following an investigation involving his wife, de Barry resigned, which was accepted by Louisiana Lamorgis. today evening, Rosalba Livrerio Bisceglia, The wife of a former politician, will be a special guest on Rete4’s Sunday political show Controcorrente.

The charges against the woman are serious but she is now defending herself.I have a vegetable and grain company, I do not need Foreign labor. Except for the small vineyard where the grapes are harvested, I do not have what you cut with your hands. Grapes 2020, the day before it started, I asked for documents from someone I knew to cut the grapes“But, as journalist Marco Sales pointed out, that person was a foreigner and he turned out to be a” corporal “.

They had sent me this number and there were people to pick them up. I have them Taken regularly“However, the woman declared, however, that she did not contact the workers directly to communicate with them, but used them as the means of the man who proposed to her.”Because there are so many, so when it’s like this always someone comes and works six days. I think all of this will be delivered in the right place“.

However, now the woman has ended up in the middle of a major criminal investigation, and her husband was forced to resign, precisely because he handles the media: “It was definitely one Superficiality. But now I do not feel that I have done a great deed … Please close me now …“But the journalist continued his interview with Michael de Barry’s wife, asking why he turned to a foreigner for a similar job, when in fact he was a corporal.”Asked for five euros for a trip“But at that time Rosalba Livrerio Bisceglia was closed and Marco Sales’ questions were no longer answered:”I’m leaving you, sorry …“.

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