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His body suffers greatly

Ignazio Moser, the former outcast of L’Isola dei Famosi, is in a psychological crisis: his body is suffering severely.

The former outcast of L’Isola dei Famosi (via Social)

newly Ignazio MoserFormer shipwreck Celebrity IslandHe decided and announced to all his followers that he wanted each other Remove from social networks To take a short break. the reasons? The boy confessed to hearing a malaise Without being able to indicate a motivating reason. At first, Moser speculated that he might deal with it psychological stress: He admitted that he feels deteriorating in his mental health. Recently, the boy is finally back Instagram He posted a photo that left many of his fans speechless.

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Ignazio Moser, your body is affected by a psychological crisis

Ignazio Moser
Ignazio Moser’s radical makeover (via screenshot)

Ignazio Moser has made it known to many of his followers that he does not feel at his best: he is a file Feeling of psychological distress of them so far Doesn’t know the reasons. Already a few days ago, Ignazio came back Instagram To inform fans of their health conditions. The boy determined that he had not yet been able to get to the root of his problem, but assumed it was a combination of Psychological and psychological factors. “I always hear about Psychological health, but I’m seeing more and more people who don’t care (including me) so my advice is Listen to yourself, listen to your body and mind, at least every now and then put yourself first and not always others and what you have to do for others”These were his words.

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Acknowledging how much it took a few days off, Ignatius seems to be back to all intents and purposes today. Active on your profile Instagram. Unfortunately, however, the Picture posted in stories It alarmed many of his fans. The boy appeared with a black and white bullet and Significant weight loss, he himself wrote below: minus 10 kiloalmost an isola.. In short, the boy seems to be joking about the problem, yet many find it difficult to identify.