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The Cat from Outer Space: (Re)Discover Disney Plus

Disney Plus has a huge amount of content and it can often be difficult to decide what you want to watch. From classics to Pixar, from Marvel to Star Wars, there are movies and TV series to suit every taste. I’m here to let you (re)discover some of the lesser known content that you might want to (re)watch. Today we are talking about D cat from outer space.

In conjunction with Space Week, we’re rediscovering a movie Ancient Science Fiction. The title of the movie may sound silly, cat from outer space It tells of a strange cat visiting Earth. It is a 1978 live action movie with all the typical elements of movies with extraterrestrials: a UFO, an unusual pilot, very advanced technologies unknown on Earth and more. The presence of the cat makes the film lighter and closer to the comedy genre.

cat from outer space: conspiracy and information

An alien spacecraft arrives on Earth, and the US government summons all of the most experienced minds to find out its source, keeping everything secret. A high-ranking physicist is called in to give his opinion, but others mock him for his out-of-the-ordinary ideas. Everything happens under the eyes of an unexpected astronaut: the cat. This will amount to material assistance in returning home. Thanks to a developed collar, the cat is able to do amazing things: move objects, fly, immobilize opponents and even communicate with humans.

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Upon release, the film was met with sufficient reviews from critics. In particular, these people learn about Typical leisure mood One of the Disney movies of that period. Among the characteristic negative notes, there are movie length Which can be excessive and lead the viewer to predict with some ease what will happen.

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similar a: Professor in the clouds (1961), This strange father dog (1976), Martin Mars (1999)
public vote: 58/100 (Rotten Tomatoes)
Type: science fiction, comedy
time: 100 minutes
songs: No
Awards: No

My very short review

cat from outer space It is a light movie that entertains the whole family. A meeting point for comics lovers and science fiction lovers. Alternating between funny gags and using unknown techniques, the result is a fine balance. In any case, the film should not be taken seriously, but rather the absurd dynamics should be taken into account.

scene from "cat from outer space".
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cat from outer space on Disney Plus

you can see cat from outer space on Disney Plus, but you need a subscription (Here is the link to do that). From the main page of the site, by selecting the “Movie” item at the top, you will find this title in the “Sci-Fi” or “Comedy” category, but the “Search” function is definitely the fastest way to find he-she. Good vision!

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