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"His arrival was an injection of happiness"

“His arrival was an injection of happiness”

Former Ligurian racer Matteo Ranieri speaks for himself like never before in Men and Women magazine.

Matthew Ranieri He finished his journey on the throne men and women with the beautiful Valeria Cardone. a few days from Cucumberthe beloved ex-Ligurian Tronesta gave an interview to the official weekly of Dating show Maria de Filippi who talked about Their two great loves, Tyler and Bruce.

Matteo Ranieri and the reveal of his great love

After a few days of file Choice of men and womenAnd the Matthew He evaluated his career on the popular throne Channel 5 dating show And he spoke of those whom he regards of all intents and purposes as his children, and he has Tyler and Bruce dogs. In an interview with the Official Broadcasting Journal, the ex-Tronista admitted:

My four-legged friends have taught me and remind me every day that you don’t need luxury items to be happy. A stick, a backpack and a nice path in the woods are enough to make you feel like the richest and most satisfied person in the world. I spend most Sundays like this: I walk the aisles with my dog. Every time I look at them, I am also reminded that no one should ever be judged: they do not and I am convinced that even if they could speak they would not. Dogs for me are the epitome of life and I cannot live without them.

For me, they are my lifeguards, Tyler and Bruce, and I have been experiencing their absence since the first day I left home to set out on my way as a Tronista driver. They are the heroes of my existence, so being away from them is always a pain for me. I miss our routines and our daily lives: even just reading a book while sipping on coffee and feeling their heads on my legs I miss them. They are my friends, they cheer me up when I’m sad and save me from the melancholy that so often overwhelms me. When I’m with Tyler and Bruce, I don’t think of anything bad.

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Ranieri keep talking aboutBruce’s arrival in Rome How did his presence make her stronger? The relationship between him and his co-chair Luca Salatino:

Having Bruce in Rome was like a dose of serotonin, a dose of happiness. When he was with me I used to smile from morning to evening. I think it has been noticed that my path as Electronista has been suffering a bit for a while. […] Bruce’s presence in Rome made the relationship between me and Luca even stronger. In the morning we got up and took him for a walk together in a grove near the residence where we live at the moment. It’s as if Luca, in this way, has become a part of our daily life and I think it has also given him some relief.

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