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Here is the launch announcement “Humanity Ends Here”, the upcoming game –

Here is the launch announcement “Humanity Ends Here”, the upcoming game –

As promised, EA and Motive have released a version Official launch trailer to dead space New edition, titled video “Humanity ends here” Which makes its contents well understood, between nightmares and intense action.

The expected countdown was a few days ago. The launch trailer for Dead Space Remake has finally arrived and is in perfect condition, as we can see below.

The game contains The release date is approachingis set for January 27, 2023, so it’s getting close to being able to once again go inside Isaac Clarke’s armor for a general review of the series’ initial nightmare.

Work hard for motivation Complete rebuild The graphic layout of the original Dead Space game and the modification of some aspects of the game to make it more dynamic, also in line with the progress made by the series in this sense during the subsequent chapters.

The result is therefore a complete reinterpretation of the original Dead Space which aims to maintain its strengths, namely the atmosphere at the highest levels, tension and horror through judicious use of the game’s rhythms, encounters, lights and shadows, but also a renewed game on the front of some movement dynamics and intuition, as well as obviously With graphics in keeping with the times.

We are therefore looking forward to experiencing the evolution of Dead Space firsthand in this new edition, and also remembering how it turned out to be the most anticipated game of January 2023 for both the editorial staff and the readers of