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Here comes the flood of messages: What are the tax authorities looking for

Here comes the flood of messages: What are the tax authorities looking for

After the documents were “frozen” due to the declared health emergency and the consequent economic crisis, a machine tax Ready to start again sending tax invoices, 160 million still to be paid. Collection activities are expected to resume, unless there is a second thought, from the beginning of September, since the suspension will remain so until the end of August.

letters rain

Meanwhile, the Revenue Agency has already returned to work regarding the fight againstTax evasion. password is compliance, which is the process of sending a letter to citizens to send to check whether all necessary data has been correctly reported in tax returns. In short, tax authorities aim at automatic fulfillment of taxpayers.

Some LettersMoreover, it was already dispatched in July, as required by the ruling by the head of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini. The document governs the methods of contacting taxpayers who fall within the group of application of synthetic indicators of financial reliability (ISA). After the August holiday, messaging will resume at full capacity in September. This is a program also dear to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, since the agreement stipulated between Mise and the Revenue Agency provides, for the period between 2020 and 2022, for 650 thousand. Communication aimed at favoring automatic payment and the emergence of taxable incomefor the year 2021.

Notification letters, also sent electronically, are not yet considered a form of formal assessment: in fact, they are limited to informing the taxpayer of a set of information about previous years that the Revenue Agency has learned about, and found anomalies in tax returns. Thus, it is up to the citizen to respond, and to identify other data that is still unknown to the tax authorities and which can justify any anomalies, before notifying the assessment notice. Otherwise, the taxpayer can provide independently to debug possible errors through active repentance.

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The intent, however, is to appeal “Gradually in 2021 activity will stop significantly in 2020”, As mentioned Prophet. Indeed, the title decree”improvement Communications to promote compliance, particularly those aimed at encouraging the emergence of tax rules for the purposes of direct taxation and value-added tax”. To prepare communications, the Revenue Agency will use databases formed through the automatic exchange of information at the national level and data obtained through electronic invoices.

Messages must be sentIn an automated manner, identifying situations to be contacted through increasingly accurate selection mechanisms as well as verifying the effectiveness of actions aimed at promoting compliance through data analysis toolsThe same goes for municipal contributions to real estate. Its purpose is.”Ensuring taxpayers and brokers know the relative rates, regarding the Imu, as well as other items of information useful for determining and paying tax“.