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"Heineken Oktoberfest 2022", a contest for a new phishing scam

“Heineken Oktoberfest 2022”, a contest for a new phishing scam

They are targeting a giant Heineken beer New links circulating promising to participate in Compete for prizes with the mini fridge you can pick up The brand name of the well-known drink. Be careful, because it is the latest example of Phishing fraud From a famous brand.

However, “Winning a mini fridge full of Heineken” is a scam

It looks like a page run by multinational famous Dutch, same colors and same logo, and offers a simple four-question quiz to participate in a Prize Contest. Except that the link is hosted by the classic short url manager we’ve known about in recent months (tinyurl[x].ru) and It has nothing to do with the brewing company.

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The mechanism is always similar to the cases already analyzed under the brand KonadAnd the Nespresso and others. The victim receives the link in the chat (Whatsapp or Telegram), most likely from a friend because they are campaigns exploiting the chain effect of S. Antonio, and opening it directly from the mobile will immediately find familiar images of the Heineken tag with an attractive message:

“Welcome to the beer contest Heineken Oktoberfest 2022! Take the test, find the hidden prize and win a mini fridge full of Heineken.”

Obviously they are all fake. Heineken never held any competition and not in this way and if you try to take the test several times you will notice that you will always win. The page is designed to make the victim make two attempts, the first always losing and the second winning. With the win on the second attempt, you are directed to a page that shares the link with 20 other people (which guarantees a massive spread of the fraudulent campaign), and then to the compilation of a personal data form for entering personal and payment data because there will be 2 euros (1.99 to be exact) to be paid for Submit the award.

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This way, the organization behind this campaign will have all our data at hand, including credit card data, with which further frauds can be carried out in the future and harm us economically.

The advice also in this case is always not to follow up on unexpected links like these, especially if they are not directly attributable to the company, as in this case. In general, always be wary of web pages with a format like the one you see in images that promise sweepstakes or easy winnings. This is almost certainly a phishing attempt to steal credentials, personal data or funds.

We remind you that if you receive a suspicious email and want to report it to the editorial office, you can take a screenshot (or rather, forward it) with proof of the sender and send it to: [email protected].

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