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A fight between two heroes of the throne

A fight between two heroes of the throne

Today Wednesday, September 8, 2022, there were new recordings of men and women: This is what happened.

Today, Wednesday, September 8, 2022, new episodes of men and women. From Men and women classic or more here the progress:

The episode begins with Tina vs Pinuccia, then Ida sits at the center of the studio with a new suitor she went out with. And he keeps another one, too. Then Ricardo, in the last recording there was a clash between him and Ida and Gemma, and thus a discussion ensued. Between Ricardo and this new suitor there is a close fight, and then Maria shook hands with the two.Ida and Ricardo moment: Maria says that if Ricardo says she’s still in love with him, then something must be real. He has a list of Ida traits, Ricardo has been impressed.Roberta decides to accept Alessandro’s proposal and they are going out to dinner tonight.

So, after suggesting David Donady That during the last episode he asked to go out to dinner with him RobertaMrs. Cassino has instead agreed to start dating her Alexanderpreceding Ida Platano. The latter, during the last registration of the dating show, decided to close the acquaintance with the jockey.

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