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"He told me it was the right time" - Libero Cottidiano

“He told me it was the right time” – Libero Cottidiano

The குயிரினாலே The last of the (apparently) impossible achievements Silvio Berlusconi. A. in connection with Giovanni Floris Tuesday, In La7, Alessandro Sallusti Go to the details of the cave plan to go to Goli.

Berlusconi told me a few months ago He counted the votes and recounted He can only be president of the republic, “said Sallusti, who opened his eyes to Floris. Until a few weeks ago, political science fiction appeared to almost everyone.

Things are changing fast today if what one wants is true Pierre Luigi Perzani, Jaguar stains, a few minutes ago, Sallusty came out with a surprising sentence: “I will not vote for him, the reason is clear -” Article 1 And the former secretary of the Democrats – but in fact Berlusconi did not know how to deny him if the motive was the center-right flag of the Guernsey. Because anyway, he was a jaguar and he made all the kittens.

“When I told him it was ridiculous – Sallusty now confirms – he replied, it would be impossible if his admirers told him. This means that it is the right time, Because he can only do things he can’t do. “Perzani smiles:” Have I ever thought about that? No – he said -, he will not waste time on ordinary things, that is the role “.