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“He rolled up his sleeves, and now he’s a waiter.”

“He rolled up his sleeves, and now he’s a waiter.”

Raffaello TononIn the last years Mediaset, first as a commentator on Pomeriggio 5, Maurizio Costanzo Show, and then as a competitor on various reality shows such as Big Brother and La Fattoria, has come a long way. He has built a strong career, however, he seems to want to put it in a corner, while he nurtures his true passion.


He himself revealed his new job months ago, but Alessandro Rusica relayed some testimonies from those who met him while serving tables in the bar where he works: “He has rolled up his sleeves and works as a waiter. Salute to those like you who don’t indulge in dirty games just to earn a living. (…) You see, he’s a waiter in Romania, it’s not a gag, he’s a real waiter. Hats off to those who earn their day with humility. He often goes to help at this place.”

The new job

My first love was the hospitality, for a clear fee, in all the hotels on the Riviera. I was a customer and wanted to become an owner. I have been in the past. For months I have been cooperating in a reality that warms my heart because when others are having fun and you are with them, there is no need to ask questions. I laugh with relief, today I move between serving dishes and cameras“, Tonon said on Instagram last February.

When customers ask me: “Is it Tonon?” I say yes but the rich brother is in Milan, and I need the pension. Big laughs. I asked to take this shot while sitting, and this is how it goes. The bar owner is in the middle and the loyal customers are around him. I miss the good old days, which is why I do my best so that they can come back».

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