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Ellie Schlein hits out at Giorgia Meloni, accusing her of mocking Italians with “fake moves”

Ellie Schlein hits out at Giorgia Meloni, accusing her of mocking Italians with “fake moves”

Ellie Schlein lashes out against Georgia MeloneyThe Democratic Party secretary attacked the Prime Minister on live television and accused him of Make fun of the Italians With activities defined as “fake, parody”. Not only was the mandate’s comment on the waiting list a direct attack on the Prime Minister. Before tomorrowHosted by Bianca Berlinguer on Rete4.

Schlein and Maloney’s Countermeasures

Answering questions from the host, the Democratic Party secretary did not hesitate to ask questions. Criticism of the Prime Minister.

“The problem is they’re making fun of the voters,” Schlein said, recalling that Georgia Meloney has been working to get the government’s work done in recent days. Fake activities“.

“Four days before the vote they come up with a blank text on healthcare where they don’t put money,” he said.

Dem Rep. Says Democrats Made “Strong Proposals” for Health Care

Expenditure on treaty with Albania

On immigrants, Democratic leader “TheA cynical treaty with Albania It denies the constitutional right to seek asylum in Italy.”

Ellie Schlein

Speaking about the deal between Rama and Meloni, Schlein underlined that the deal will exceed the projected 600 million in expenses. 800 million will be spent They may be involved in health care.”

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Criticism of election campaigning

But lost in all this is the June 8 and 9 European elections. Speaking with Bianca Berlinguer, Schlein underscored that the campaign is about talking A little about European themes And it will be a serious damage.

“The referendum on June 8 and 9 will really decide what Europe we want and will be decisive for the future of our country,” the Dem leader explained.

No offense to Meloney

Schlein later defended himself against those who accused him of insulting the prime minister.

“There was never an occasion when I used it Language abuse To Georgia Meloney, she knows it well, so she’s trying to put things on me that I didn’t say,” replied the secretary.

Dem later “exposed” the Prime Minister’s tactic: “I believe it’s their trick because our questions bother her. Because my questions bother you, try asking me more.”

Photo credit: ANSA