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Half-Life 2 updated after 17 years with the biggest patch recently seen -

Half-Life 2 updated after 17 years with the biggest patch recently seen –

half life 2 Updates again: a 17 years Far from the original, Valve’s masterpiece gets what it is for all intents and purposes larger area It has been seen in recent years, which is not difficult given the lack of many updates but still surprising considering how long it has been since launch.

As reported by PC Gamer, this has to be the biggest update seen in the past 10 years for Half-Life 2, which brings many interesting news to the game in question.

Half-Life 2, a scene from the game

The update in question was also released to prepare the game for landing steam surface, Valve’s portable “console,” and applies some interesting new features to standard PCs as well.

In addition to several bug fixes and minor improvements, the new patch Increase the field of view to 110 And it optimizes the interface to support ultra-high-definition displays and related resolutions. However, perhaps the biggest change is API support volcano, which would significantly improve game performance based on Linux, which is clearly included in the usage perspective on SteamOS, the Steam Deck operating system.

So it appears that the update is specifically aimed at using Half-Life 2 on Steam Deck, but its repercussions can also be seen on PC. On the other hand, Valve is still very active, despite the fact that it now belongs to an “old” era of video games: just last summer, a new record for Internet users was created, even if the thing is clearly regulated, Half – Life: Alyx is perhaps the ultimate expression of virtual reality video games while the whole world is still waiting for possible news on Half-Life 3.

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