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Information on heroes and the new style of the game, from Bloomberg -

Information on heroes and the new style of the game, from Bloomberg –

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has revealed new information about Rockstar Games and beyond GTA 6, the much awaited and frequently discussed action game. The reporter revealed information about Characters and game toneAnd that will be different.

As mentioned, GTA 6 will include a playable female. The woman will be Hispanic and will be one of two main characters, in a story influenced by Bonnie and Clyde, the notorious thieves.

Schreyer also explains that Rockstar Games has, at least in part, changed style From Grand Theft Auto with GTA 6. The new chapter, in fact, was written in an attempt to avoid negative jokes directed against marginalized groups, unlike in previous games. This isn’t actually recent: We remember that the company removed anti-transgender jokes from the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

Then it was clarified that the name of the automation for GTA 6 is Project Americas. preparation main will be a fictional version of Miami and its surroundings. Initially, the game was supposed to include large sections of North and South America, but after the design phase, Rockstar reduced the size of the project. However, it seems that Rockstar’s intent is to develop the game over time, and add new cities. The game world seems to be really big and there are more indoor locations than the previous chapters of the series.

According to Bloomberg sources, GTA 6 does not have one at the moment Exit date, not even internally: at least, it is said, it will take another two years. Development began in 2014, but progress is slow, and this has also caused some designers from the Rockstar team to leave Edinburgh unsatisfied with the pace of work.

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As always, remember that this is not official information, but evil It is a source you can count on. Given that GTA 6’s opening times are still long, it’s always possible that something will change before the release and that information may become out of date.