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Grosjean's second life begins at IndyCar

Grosjean’s second life begins at IndyCar

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April 18, 2021
By Claudio Russo
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Yesterday I celebrated 35 years. Today he plays his first IndyCar in Alabama. This is how Roman Grosjean, a driver born in Switzerland but with a French passport and license, begins his second life. After miraculously surviving the terrible accident that occurred on the 29th of November at the start of the Bahrain Racing race, when he was trapped for 28 seconds in the raging flames of a broken Haas car in two, he did not lose his passion for speed and “to face smiles” is a risky sport. Thus Grosjean resumes his career. The US rookie, a junior, in a formula that could be considered more dangerous than the one he saw among the champions (also due to the numerous accidents that have happened and been hit) for the World Championships from 2009 to last year Drive the Dallara Honda, a powerful and well-designed car for the Dale Coyne Racing. It must be said that he was discreet enough in making his choices, at least in his judgment. He decided to participate in a portion of the tests on the calendar, practically only those on the road (like the one in Birmingham, with 15 bends, rather narrow) , Avoiding the ovals and the ‘500ml’.
He tests
Before the season began, the Transalpine driver preferred to take part in a live test run at Barber Motorsports Park, where today’s race is held. “I had to adapt – he said – to a very different car than the one in Formula 1. But it didn’t seem very difficult to drive. The mechanical car grip is really good. Love the way the team works. It is different, but I am happy. ”
Roman also overcame the pain in his burning hand in Bahrain: “After a few laps, my biceps started to hurt a little. But I was expecting it, because I know the limb hasn’t fully recovered and it’s sensitive. Anyway, it really feels like the car and so I think you can control it with your driving style, how you apply the brakes, adjust the curves and so on. You can actually use different lines, whereas in Formula 1 you have to practically use the perfect track due to the aerodynamic performance. I also missed and went out of the way, for a normal head and tail. ” Before starting his new adventure, Grosjean also wanted to talk about the past and did not fail to make some critical phrases against Formula 1: “I am happy with what I did, you cannot stay for ten years in a sport and not be happy about it. Only a few teams were able to Competition. Lately I have been doing what I disliked. How to reach the maximum to win a qualifying position among the last with Haas. So if my results in the US are positive, and if I realize that I can compete, I will definitely stay here. ”

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