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Green Boss, Supervising Holidays: End of August

Green Boss, Supervising Holidays: End of August

With regard to the use of the green passport, the tax on palazzo siki will not change: we must be realistic – it is rational – and implement and implement the accepted measures Avoid recurrence of infections This will affect operations again in the fall.

But despite the Interior Ministry clarifying in the last hours, the front part of the controversy remains open. Dissatisfaction among restaurants – after protests – now guaranteed by rules requiring operators to ask for identification only in case of conflicts (in addition to the pass) In charge.

The latter, though handed over to restrictions, dismisses ministerial indications: “Vimenez circular creates misinterpretations – Ferruccio Taroni, president of the National Security Representatives Association, has already complained Lack of staff for ticket control -. We will continue to advise event management representatives during public order committees not to use those responsible for green certification control. We will only intervene if it is necessary to show proof of identity. “He starts as an alternative to sports clubs and facility managers:“ They should use volunteers like retired law enforcement officers. “

However, some tourist resorts have already mobilized for the August 15 sighting and announced that they will be hiring maids to avoid the nightlife congestion. Jesolo On the coast of Venice, the schedule of outdoor events and events in many cities is defined using the green pass, which does not involve police and public officials in inspections.

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Disagreement does not just come from maids: a Torino A union has called for a two-hour strike on Friday in protest of a company that specializes in electronic components, allowing only employees with a green pass to access the canteen. Restaurants are not even exempt from liability on Green Certificate checks.

Beyond use Check application C-19, Which is mandatory, may also be allowed by merchants if the certificates provide inconsistencies with personal data or are invalid. Moreover, while satisfied with the conclusion of the circular, Conformacio notes: “Exhibitors certainly cannot replace public officials”.