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"Goodbye to the Office Chair and Low Powers" - Libero Cottidiano

“Goodbye to the Office Chair and Low Powers” – Libero Cottidiano

In between Luigi de Mayo e Giuseppe Conte i Relationships are never trivial. Even today, when the former prime minister prepares to become the leader of the 5 star movement, he cannot stifle the foreign minister’s future. In the interview he put it on black and white even though he was wearing a veil Print: Did you see what he says about Luigi Conte? De Mayo was not even noticed by the words other than the honey that the new Pentastellado secretary spoke to him. For the sake of the “new” movement, the former leader passed it on. “There is no duplicity with de Mayo,” one of the senators closest to the leader confirms, adding: “Simply because in the new movement, there will be no duplicity. De Mayo will not use the power he has until today“.

The will – the newspaper recalls – is to reduce the foreign minister, no longer making him the representative voice of the will of the whole movement. In fact, he says, “De Mayo I will not sit in the party secretariat, Or not in other political systems. “The recession is official: Fornesina’s leader has been placed in a corner. Witto Grimm, Names – for “non-political” organizations – are selected Pepe Grillo.

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In the presence of the Guarantee Committee, the opportunity to exclude other roles within the movement for exclusive reasons shall be excluded. So Conte can at least preserve the look. The Cordobia reform was put in place to add fuel to the fire, so Conte – revealing participants in the five-star control room – didn’t like it “Individual Attitude” Of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. No one in the newspapers wanted to read about “de Mayo’s worthiness” for persuading Conte to push for an upward deal with Tragi and Justice Minister Cordobia: “We were unbelievable, too much, or the government would have fallen. Reconstructing what happened is wrong“, Grillini is trying to put a connection on the hole.

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