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Spotify Car Thing

Goodbye to the device that no one knows

spotify decided to stop production car thing, a device that never arrived in Italy. This addon (which no one knows about) was created to allow users to get it entertainment system For those who drive, even if the car is not configured for technologies like Android Auto And the Apple CarPlay.

And the American giant officially said that it did not achieve the expected success Good-bye On the device, on a note in which a certain bitterness is noted. “Spotify Car Thing Aim – The company said – It was in order to better understand how and what users listen to in the car – But Spotify continues – Based on several factors, including the demand for the machine and issues with the supply chain, we have decided to discontinue the production of additional units of Car Thing.The American music streaming giant reassures users who have already purchased devices that units will continue to do so work as always. Moreover, although the announcement of the discontinuation of Car Thing was not easy, the company claims that this “The experience taught us a lot and we still consider the car to be an essential place for listening and sound“.

Car Thing: When Flipping Is “Normal”

It is not uncommon for companies to launch products specialty Then production stopped soon after. One such experiment that didn’t go wrong has to do with Spotify’s Car Thing, an extension that acts as a file dashboard To access and control Spotify playback while driving.

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However, for those who have used and tried it, Car Thing proved to be a useful device that allowed you to use Spotify by listening to songs, artists, playlists and podcasts through the car stereo already installed on the car.

Spotify Car Thing was only available in some countries (after its launch last year in the US) for only five months, and I needed a subscription to the version to use it. “excellent” from the platform. He did not reach Italy.

The car thing: how it works and how it is done

The device has a screen 4 inch touch screen which is placed a Knob Rotary (allows you to switch from one song to another in the playlist and manage Spotify) e Four physical buttons. The keys allow you to set quick access functions, such as one Playlist Or your favorite artists.

The device also provides support forVoice assistant Hello Spotify, which allows drivers to play music with built-in voice commands. Using Car Thing was very simple: one cable was enough AUX, Director USB or the Bluetooth To set the touch screen with the radio and start listening.