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Goodbye online prescription: From January 1st until the waiting list at the doctor’s

Goodbye online prescription: From January 1st until the waiting list at the doctor’s

It’s time to say goodbye to online prescriptions, starting January 1, we’ll be back to queuing up at the doctor’s to get prescriptions.

Once the coronavirus emergency returns, unfortunately, many of the practices we have known will be retired, among which is also the immaterial prescription.

Stop Prescription Online – Source AdobeStock

In recent days, all citizens’ eyes have been focused on the budget package and especially on many “side” decisions such as the possibility of renewal online recipe To avoid queuing up at the GP for the most common prescriptions.

However, at the moment, it seems that no certain decisions have been made and that is why, aside from last-minute news, From January we will be back to see the GP To be able to obtain a prescription for both medications and specific visits.

Online recipe What will happen from January 1st

Legislation making it possible to receive emails expires on December 31st Non-physical prescriptions, or by e-mail or SMS instead of on paper. A situation that has been made necessary by the pandemic, the moment when going to your GP may be a risk to Covid circulation.

Stop Prescription Online - Source AdobeStock
Stop Prescription Online – Source AdobeStock

With the return of the health emergency, many have wondered what will happen but so far there seem to be no answers on this matter. Experts called for renewing this procedure for both Clear the queues in the studios And also to reduce the workload.

Moreover, we cannot ignore that there are also other diseases that we can expose ourselves to by going to our general practitioner. Indeed, if we are in contact with a person affected byEffect We, too, may run into risks – a rather tangible premise this year as the Aussie seems to be more aggressive than usual.

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Moreover, as expected, the practice can Reducing bureaucratic burdens on doctorsAs the trade unions have emphasized in recent days, explaining that unfortunately this category is not only understaffed but also so full of work that it is unable to carry out regular clinical activity. Therefore, an extension would be needed to make the actual prescription still active, even if it appears not to be a priority for the current government at the moment.