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Goodbye Flavio Encina, the last few hours were decisive: no one knew - the Democrat

Goodbye Flavio Encina, the last few hours were decisive: no one knew – the Democrat

Flavio Encina had to deal with a very special situation. An event that puts the conductor of the orchestra in crisis

The news shocked everyone who followed it diligently opinion And who sees, as the protagonist, only one of the conductors I love our country. We are talking about Flavio Encina. To him, there seemed to be nothing to do, a man we would at no moment see how we knew him. But what happened?

News circulating around the web that you see, as the protagonist, is just that Flavio Encina Which we’ve been fond of for years. A man we all knew during his tenure the legacy. The latter is a program broadcast from 2002More precisely, on July 29.

Well turned off shape 20 candles Which is broadcast in the range Rai 1. There are many faces that have taken their place over the years conductor. One of the most important things we remember Fabrizio FritziAnd the Carlo Conte And the king of senremo Amadeus. For 4 years, at the head of the company de the legacy find it, Flavio Encina The conductor who managed to get a good number of plays during each of his episodes.

Very tough hours for Flavio Insinna

Decisive Flavio Encina watches

Although he was able to meet the needs of the house opinionseems to her fate It is now marked. But what happened? And according to some rumors circulating on the internet, it appears that it really is Flavio Encina The man we’ll soon see at the helm of the popular show. Other details in this regard indicate that after a long time, the transmission may change dramatically. Also regarding early evening band.

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In fact, it looks like the start of the program will not be in September but is scheduled for November. This is because the program Marco LorneAnd the chain reactionIt airs throughout the month of October. But who will be the one who will replace Flavio Encina? Based on what he claims Blogprobably Marco Who will replace the owner de the legacy. While, chain reactionCan see former Givino Flavio Montrucchio To connect.

regarding Flavio Montrucchio We know this after participating in the second edition of Big brotherHe chose to dedicate his career to acting. A road that seems to have been abandoned in recent years, to make way for a world Delivery. It is precisely for this reason that the ex-Givino seems to be the right person to lead chain reaction.

Decisive Flavio Encina watches

Also to occupy that seat you are currently occupying Marco Lorne. News that could leave a bad taste in the mouths of many Italians who have been following it for years Flavio Encina with my love.