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Giant bacteria are among the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2022 “They defy the laws of biology, it’s like meeting a man as tall as Everest”

Giant bacteria are among the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2022 “They defy the laws of biology, it’s like meeting a man as tall as Everest”

There are many scientific discoveries for this year that have come to a close, and some of them were really important.

One of these is implementation Jwst space telescope After twenty years of work. A very powerful infrared telescope. This will allow you to obtain more information and, above all, more detailed than what was obtained with its predecessors. Just think of the sharp images of Neptune’s rings that seemed very clear despite not being delineated.

Along with this, there were other important discoveries. We will go to see them one by one, focusing above all on one of them. Thanks to a study, we have come to Gouda rice “permanent”. Indeed, this plant, which is a cross between a species grown in Asia and an African wild rice, has produced grain for a good four years. However, studies will continue to ensure that the production of this variety is not infected with parasites. thanks for theArtificial intelligenceSo realistic images were produced starting with the written texts. And again, two vaccines against respiratory syncytial virus were tested, capable of producing many more antibodies than those of their predecessors.

The researchers also flew an asteroid into space with a shuttle launch on it. Giant strides, then, also in astronomy. This study shows that there is a possibility of deflection of an asteroid if it is heading towards Earth. Thanks to the DNA found in the soil of Greenland, it was possible to recreate the environment of this region two million years ago.

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Big leaps in health.

The other very important discovery is one that advances research on a topic Multiple sclerosis. Scientists discovered a link between him and the virus. This also required twenty years of study. We are talking about the Epstein-Barr virus. In this way it will be possible to start trials of vaccines against it. Other research highlighted file modification DNA Some populations in Europe, after the plague of 1300. This allowed these populations to be more resistant to the plague. But the discovery that we want to tell you today has a completely different charm. Not that we don’t have these things, but the next one will really surprise you.

Researchers have discovered a giant bacterium in the French Antilles.

An exciting discovery if you consider the usual size of bacteria, which normally can only be seen under a microscope. But this is an amazing find. A giant white bacteria that grows and multiplies thanks to rotting leaves in the waters of the Antilles. For scientists, due to its size, seeing this bacterium is like “Meeting a human as tall as Mount Everest”. We are talking about bacteria “Magnificent Thiomargarita”Compared to other known giant bacteria, it is a single bacterial cell.

Its pearly white color is given by the significant presence of sulfur inside. Olivier Grosse discovered this bacterium and studied it with scientists in his laboratory. At first they thought it was a fungus, but after analyzing it, they realized it belonged to bacteria Theomargarita.

What is known for sure is that their structure is halfway between that of bacteria and that of more complex cells. Obviously, as is usually the case in these cases, scientists will study these bacteria more deeply, taking more samples to understand their structure and adaptability.

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