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How long does Avoved last? Obsidian gives an estimate of how many hours it will take to finish and how the world is organized


Through an interview published on the pages of Game Informer, new details have arrived about Avowed, the new awaited Obsidian RPG that will arrive during the year. In particular, game director Carrie Patel gave an estimate of the game’s length and how the world players will explore is structured.

Regarding the first point, “The Confessed” would offer a similar length to “Outer Worlds”. To provide a clearer context, according to the How Long to Beat portal, we are talking about about 13 hours for the main story alone, which rises to 25 hours with the main quests and 36 hours for those who want to complete the game 100%. .

“The best comparison for Avowed is Outer Worlds,” Patel said. “Players can expect a fairly similar experience, very similar to The Outer Worlds, depending on what type of difficulty they play on and how much they explore and invest in the content, rather than being limited to the main story missions.”

There is so much to explore

As for the game world and its size, in this case the game director also mentions that Avowed will be similar to The Outer Worlds, with The map will be divided into different open and connected areas Which will be unlocked as you progress through the game, rather than offering one large setting that can be fully explored from the start.

One of the many monsters that inhabit the world of Avaved

I think the best comparison is the outer worlds. I think this gives a clearer idea of ​​the scope of the game as well as the design and layout. “Like The Outer Worlds, Avowed has a series of connected open areas that open up over the course of the game, rather than one giant map that you can explore from start to finish. And yes, even in terms of mission structure and narrative, it’s very similar to The Outer Worlds.

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Avowed will be available on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass by the end of the year 2024. A specific release day has not been announced yet, but it appears that a possible early release date was leaked in error. In the meantime, here’s our special preview of all the news featured during the event.


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