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GF Vip changes broadcast day and Delia Duran doesn't enter: news

GF Vip changes broadcast day and Delia Duran doesn’t enter: news

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The reality show is expected to return with a double weekly date in prime time. And Alex Belli’s partner won’t get in (at least soon)

news about Big Brother Vip 6. In the last few hours it was leaked Delia Duran As he is a new contender from January 3, 2022, he will not enter the game next Monday. So, for now, the Venezuelan model is still in trouble. It was she who revealed it indirectly during New Year’s Eve. He spent New Year’s Eve in the company of Alex Bailey (photos and videos of the actress were posted on her Instagram profile). This means that Not in quarantine And accordingly, on Monday, contrary to what was reported by all the newspapers and all the sites specialized in the television background, do not pass through the red door of Cinecitta’s house.

It remains to be seen if his entry has only been postponed for a few days or whether it will not be postponed in the future. In this regard, confirmations and news are expected in the next few hours. It is certain that Doran does not have Covid, as someone recently claimed, receives a reprimand from the immediate concerned party who denied being positive, and threatens to take legal action against those who spread the rumors.

Latest important news related to GF VIP 6 It is related to the broadcast of the programme. Alessandro Rosica, a.k.a. Social Investigator (as he’s known on Instagram), has launched an exclusive, explaining that from mid-January, Italy’s most-watched reality show will be broadcast again with a double weekly prime-time appointment on the main Mediaset channel. However, there should be a difference in one of the two days.

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Prime time Monday on Canale Cinque will remain the prerogative of Alfonso Signorini & Co while the second weekly episode, Rosica explained, will air on Thursday, not Friday.

Big Brother Vabe, New Year is full of chaos inside the walls of the house

new years Mayhem in the GF Vip. Sully Sorge inadvertently broke the glass door during the festivities. Then there was a bad page from the reality show: ALessandro Basciano addressed macho phrases macho To Sophie Codegoni, which sparked a wave of indignation on social media.