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Interface Bonus 2022: news and when to ask for it

The facade bonus is one of the most used building privileges by Italians. Despite this, the government decided to adjust its work structurally, interfering with the expected discount rate and other rules: let’s deepen the question together.

The new budget law confirmed and extended several construction bonuses, including Additional interfacesIt is one of the most used applications yet Super Bonus 110%. According to the new provisions, the facade bonus will allow the implementation of works on the facades and terraces of buildings at a specified discount of 60%.

In the next article we will see what The main features of the bonustaking into account in particular the innovations introduced by the 2022 exercise.

Interface Bonus: News for 2022


regarding Additional interfacesThere are many innovations that the government decided to implement for 2022 compared to the previous year. The first relates to one of the main aspects of the facility, namelyDiscount rate. The legislator decided to change it, Reduce it from 90% in 2021 to 60%.. Significant reduction, making the facility less usable by taxpayers.

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there Personal income tax deduction It will later be published over 10 years before it finally recovers. We also remind you that the bonus will expire in order on December 31, 2022, as there is no possibility of renewal for 2023.

Interface Bonus 2022: What interventions can be used?


Bonus interfaces have been extended, as mentioned, before The new budget law, with some changes to the basic rules. Among these isDiscount ratewhich has been reduced as mentioned earlier from 90%, scheduled for 2021, to 60% For all works executed by December 31, 2022.

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What jobs fall under Bonus Interfaces? Work interfaces are included in the bonus Repair of interior exterior walls only if they are visible from the outsideof the buildings that have been placed in Homogeneous regions A and B. Bonus interfaces are not subject to spending limits and can be used in several ways, namely:

  • financial understatement to be redeemed within 10 years;
  • Discount on the bill;
  • credit assignment.