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General Strike Dec 16, Amt Bus Routes and Timings

General Strike Dec 16, Amt Bus Routes and Timings

On Friday, December 16, 2022, one was announced General strike Regional by CGIL and UIL against Meloni government budget. The 24-hour strike, involving both public and private sector workers, was later reduced to four by the Guarantee Commission. As far as local public transport is concerned, Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti have reported the following methods, inconveniences are unavoidable.

Urban service in Genoa

  • Urban travel staff will be off duty from 11.30 to 15.30;
  • Remaining city staff (including ticket offices and customer service) will be off duty during the last 4 hours of the shift; So ticket office service is guaranteed till 12.15.

Provincial Service Amt

  • Provincial travel staff will be off duty from 10.30 to 14.30;
  • Employees of provincial ticket offices will not work from 10.30 to 14.

Genoa-Casella railway, active alternative bus service

Employees traveling on alternative bus service will be off duty from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm.

In urban areas, services will be guaranteed to persons with disabilities. In the provincial area, transport service will be guaranteed as part of agreed services dedicated to disabled and elderly people.

“During the last 4-hour strike announced simultaneously by the trade unions Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti – explains the AMT in a note – and held on 24/07/2020, 38.87% of urban operators joined, 41 67% of subway drivers, 50% of transit workers in Genoa Assigned to Casella Railways, 20% of provincial operators, no participation recorded among traveling staff of specialized organizations.

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