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Gasoline, diesel or hybrid?  BMW faces the biggest challenge (video)

Gasoline, diesel or hybrid? BMW faces the biggest challenge (video)

The challenge between these BMWs is final and with a ruling that is difficult to dispute. Road tests for petrol, diesel and hybrid versions

The archetypal hero story was born of this challenge Under the motorsport label there are different versions Which has been reproduced has always proven to be competitive anywhere. But no one could have ever expected the internal clash between the BMW giants, which are examples of tremendous success.

BMW The historic challenge between diesel, gasoline and hybrid models –

In fact, they ended up on the right track Three versions of BMW M, petrol, diesel and hybrid, Giving fans of the German brand unforgettable feelings. The ones who initially put them next to each other are those who run the YouTube account @carwow, and they are well versed in the world of cars.

He's out of it A historic and final challenge Which will allow each person to understand which of the three versions is actually better at certain points. Until now, we could talk about their differences especially in theory, but the practice on the street has given a verdict from which we can draw inspiration in the future to describe these three versions.

BMW M, which is better between the hybrid, gasoline or diesel?

The question arises automatically as soon as the car manufacturer creates a new model and this can only lead to comparison with others based on its technical characteristics. However, once on the road, the situation can turn upside down, even if it is never easy to change the forecasts made by expert technicians in the automotive sector.

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BMW, the iconic model in its three versions (YouTube – @carwow) –

BMW cars with three numbers added to the abbreviation M have slightly higher performance compared to other models. Caro wondered what was best, which is why he wanted to test it on a 400-meter track. The M340i, M340d and 330e hybrid models ended up in the race, each with different characteristics.

Tour no M340d It features a six-cylinder diesel engine capable of generating up to 430 PS and 850 Nm. M340i, Instead, it is 187 kg lighter (given its 1758 kg weight) and has 6 cylinders in parallel just like the previous ones. The difference lies in the 477 horsepower and 630 Nm of torque, as well as the power source. La 330e Plugin – It weighs 1,740kg – instead, it has just a four-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor to power the rear wheels.

The challenge ended with several Interesting ideas don't determine the real winner. In fact, over 400 metres, the petrol sedan, in 12 seconds, reached the best time, with the diesel car at the back, 3 tenths away, and finally the hybrid car, which managed to finish this challenge with 12.7 seconds on arrival. However, in the rolling start race, each set a record: 340 petrol at the start, achieved at a speed of 80 km/h; Diesel with torque superiority, in sixth gear; The hybrid is in the final round in eighth gear.