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Gabby Petito News, American blogger disappears: it's yellow.  A boyfriend is also wanted

Gabby Petito News, American blogger disappears: it’s yellow. A boyfriend is also wanted

Washington, September 19, 2021 – Yellow in the United States For disappearance Travel blogger Gabriel ‘KP’ PettitoHis family members have not asked since the end of August. No news of him for a day or two Boyfriend, Brian Laundry. The couple, 22 years old, and he, 23, traveled for two months Vacation on the road In the West, it was immediately documented with photos and videos posted on Instagram. That young man, he was, until he disappeared Refused to provide information For detectives after returning home alone without KP. The two young Americans left in July on a trip that lasted 4 months, but on September 11 the family of the girl, who lives in New York, reported missing him.

“Brian is not gone, He hides. KP is just gone, “Pettito’s family lawyer said.” Brian refuses to explain where he last saw the coffee or why he left her alone on the RV. I Important questions That fact must be taken into account. ” We tried to talk to Brian and his family all week, but now he said his parents had not seen him and did not know where he was. Josh Taylor, a police officer, is now And the FBI.

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For months coffee and her boyfriend shared it on social media Videos and photos It seemed like a happy couple: kisses, hugs, breakfast, sometimes on the beach. The young, enthusiastic blogger and YouTuber documented the trip with a video on his YouTube channel, “Nomadic State”, entitled “Starting Our Sky Life Journey”. The goal of the trip is precisely to live in a nomadic way. But on Sept. 1, Brian returned home alone in North Florida, where the two young men live with his parents. In a video released last month and video by Moab police in a city in Utah, we see Girl in tearsInside a car, agents intervened following a violent altercation between the couple: the two boys were persuaded by police that there was “love and involvement”. Laundry told a police officer that he and Gabrielle had the same mental problem.