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Citizenship income, what it is worth in other countries: the differences

Disputed in Italy, operates abroad. If the income of citizenship in our country, after the receipt of proposals for abolition of several parts, starts from one part Almost sure repairAnd Its peers operate across Europe and are at the heart of national welfare systems. Here are the main differences compared to other countries.

Citizenship income and welfare measures in other countries

2030 for the EU Commission is the maximum horizon from which the risks of conditions of social hardship can be compensated 15 million people, including 5 million children, in a context exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic which currently enrolls around 91 million European citizens in conditions of poverty, i.e. one in five of the population of member countries.

Thus, the target set by Brussels will generally reach at least 76 million with a reduction of about 16% of people in poverty and an increase in the employment rate of at least 78%.

In this context, Italy came second among European countries, before only Greece, to provide support to support the poorest segments of the population.

Citizenship income, because it works better in other countries

One of the more effective examples in Germany, the Arbeitslosengeld II (Alg II), was introduced by the Schroeder government in 2003 and updated with the pandemic. This is the richest government aid program on the entire continent: it is equal to 1.5% of GDP, against a European average of 0.3 or 0.5%, for a sum. 15 billion euros.

Input €432 per month for singles and €389 per person for cohabitation, smaller than Italy but intended for a wider audience where it is sufficient to apply for it Announce Not having enough income to support his family, and being able to work, even if he is not unemployed

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Anyone who refuses to participate in a training course or accept a job, shall be deducted from the amount of 30% for three months, 60% for the second refusal, and canceled entirely upon the third refusal for another three months.

Among the most stringent requirements for access to Citizenship income in our country, In addition, there is a resident of Italy for at least 10 years. In the rest of Europe where the average is five years, Denmark only approaches our threshold, requiring nine years. A restriction that excludes the possibility of obtaining support for at least 92,000 foreign families, and another 150,000 families in the face of only two years of residency, with the state disbursing 950 million annually.