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Furniture and Renovations Bonus: Extends to 2022

Furniture and Renovations Bonus: Extends to 2022

Furniture and renovation bonuses extended to 2022

Furniture Bonuses and Renovations: After uncertainty and brilliance (and hope), which we’ve also demonstrated in this article, the official status has arrived.

Furniture and renovation bonuses are extended until the end of 2022, thus satisfying the needs of both those who have bought a home and those who intend to restore it.

And therefore, Extended until December 31, 2022 from Mobile Rewards that from restructuring bonus.

Not only 110So, in the eye of the storm, and not only Additional interfaces.

Mobile Rewards: What is the spending cap

Some doubts still exist not about the extension of the mobile phone bonus, which is safe, but about Expected spending ceiling.

I remember that last year Spending limit for mobile reward related to a purchase Furniture and appliances DrFirst class not lower than A + (A for furnaces), aimed at furnishing a building subject to renovation, increased from 10,000 to 16,000 euros, with the possibility of deducting 50% of the total amount (maximum 8000 euros) within ten years.

We still don’t know if the budget bill will maintain the current spending cap or return to the previously implemented minimum.

Renewal Bonus: Will anything change?

Nothing seems to change for restructuring bonus.

The restructuring bonus, very Until 2022, remember that it consists of 50% deduction of personal income tax for premises recovery interventions for real estate assets in the amount of a maximum of 96,000 euros.. The businesses accepted for the restructuring grant are:

  • Regular and extraordinary maintenance, restoration, conservative rehabilitation, and renovation of buildings carried out on common parts of residential buildings, that is, on residential units (interventions indicated in the letters a), b), c) and d) of Article 3 of Presidential Decree 380/2001);
  • Extraordinary maintenance, restoration, conservative rehabilitation and renovation of buildings carried out on individual residential real estate units From any cadastral category, including rural areas and their annexes (the interventions mentioned in letters b), c) and d) of Article 3 of Presidential Decree 380/2001).
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Renew more rewards

There will be too Until December 31, 2022 from green reward, or park bonus, applicable to parks, with income tax deduction of 36% For interventions on costs incurred for green arrangement of private uncovered areas of existing buildings, real estate units, annexes or fences, irrigation systems and construction of wells, construction of green roofs and roof gardens.

TheAs a deduction, we remind you, it must be divided into ten annual installments of the same amount and must be calculated on a maximum amount of 5,000 euros per real estate unit for residential use (maximum €1,800), including any planning and maintenance costs associated with the implementation of the interventions.

In addition to furniture bonuses, renovation bonuses, and garden bonuses, The house bonus is expected to be renovated For those who have Maximum 36 years with I See up to 40.000€ And that they should buy their first home.

remember it The bonus is valid today on purchases until June 2022 Cancellation of registration, mortgage and cadastral tax, and granting a tax credit in case of purchase subject to VAT (Source: only 24 seconds).

Hence it is almost certain to extend the house bonus of the next financial maneuver.

also save too automatic green bonus, Refinanced for the whole of 2021 in the amount of 100 million euros. €65 million will be used to catalyze the purchase of M1 vehicles included in the 0-60 g/km CO2 emissions range, and €20 million to purchase N1 or M1 private commercial vehicles, of which €15 million is for purely electric vehicles. For M1 vehicles listed in the 61-135 g/km CO2 range, €10 million has been allocated instead. Moreover, €5 million has been allocated for the purchase of used M1 class cars with emissions ranging from 0-160 g/km of CO2.

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Finally, OK with the extension water reward As of December 31, 2022.