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From Tapiro to Ambra Angiolini, Striscia publishes a book fuorionda: "Here's how it really went."  Richie attacks Minister Bonetti

From Tapiro to Ambra Angiolini, Striscia publishes a book fuorionda: “Here’s how it really went.” Richie attacks Minister Bonetti

Twist in the case stripping news – Ambra Angiolini. No surprises, no offenses: the showgirl and actress is now a radio announcer Agree to every step of the golden tapir delivery service With Staveley & Co. He was even writing to the authors of Striscia after his daughter Jolanda’s outburst: “God, what did my daughter do?But let’s go in order. Valerio Staveli delivers the Golden Tapir to Angiolini after rumors of an affair with him. Massimiliano Allegri. The service elicits various reactions from Umbra’s colleagues in the entertainment world, and the incident has been stigmatized by Minister Bonetti: Add excitement to a special and painful event It should never be done And I don’t think we need to open a public debate, but certainly we chose to go to the woman and not the man.” But above all it is the reaction of Ambra’s daughter, Jolanda Renga, to make the most noise: “I know very well that as a public figure it is right for some to herald his life, even his private life, with the four winds, But is anger really necessary? Why do you come to her in Milan? Why don’t you go to Turin? (…) And tell me what you want, that I’m heavy, that I don’t know how to joke, that I ask questions about problems that don’t exist, that real problems are other but they don’t make me laugh. The suffering of others does not amuse me.”

The question seems closed here, but it is Antonio Ricci, In the role of the golden tapir, to reveal some background of the meeting. on the site stripping news Come He published a letter that Tabero addressed exactly to Minister Bonetti. “I wanted to write to you after you too—what an honor!—he took a few minutes of his time to speak of me accompanied by the brightest minds of the nation,” the letter begins. “Without looking back over the years, I ended up in the hands of Stefano Di Martino, Diletta Lotta , Ricardo Scamarcio, Belen Rodriguez, Ignacio Moser, Federica Pellegrini, Francesco Monti, etc. reason? Their hearts are broken, regardless of gender. You see, I have always made respect for equal opportunity a point of pride,” the tapir/Ritchie always adds. “You, on the other hand, dear Minister, do not seem to consider Diletta Lotta worthy of her protection, with double standards usually revealing double standards. I want to say that my friend Ambra Angiolini, tapiroforo Valerio Staveli approached him in a friendly way: no escape, he asked to turn off the cameras or annoying signals. Oh really! “With the cameras off, Ambra recommended herself to Staveley That no actions were taken during the assembly that would disturb the meaning of what she said: a naturally accepted request. In the afternoon, before the service broadcast, when Jolanda’s bright, very clear, very mature pen post went out to Staveley, who called her to ask for clarifications, Ambra replied: “Oh my God, what did my daughter do? Do! The letter concludes with the following: : “How many bleached graves, fake agents, moralists, or simple charlatans, and individuals who are facing withdrawal crises or simply need a daily exit? They felt empowered to talk about it! Who knows we won’t meet soon…”.

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