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HALLOWEEN BRIDGE AND OGNISSANTI A surprise, but then you risk starting an early winter. Trend for November »

Weather: HALLOWEEN Bridge and OGNISSANTI Surprise, but then you risk an early winter. trend for november

The first developments in Halloween and Halloween Amazing Halloween and Halloween Bridge. The autumn confirm one season of extremism The period between late October and early next month November It will certainly not be an exception, let’s already prepare for many surprises. There’s nothing unusual or out of the ordinary, so let’s be clear: At this time of year, it’s not at all uncommon to go from warm sunny days to extreme situations, like flood (which unfortunately we already saw at the beginning of October) So advance early winter even with first snow at low altitude.

Modernity that emerges from the study of the latest updates Due to The end of October is the resumption of the intermittent flow of the Atlantic in a big way. According to the US GFS model, a large area of ​​low pressure will form between the British Isles and Greenland, technically called Iceland depression, which will lead to turmoil towards the old continent several times. One of these is just waiting for a party Halloween (October 31) And the subsequent celebration of All Saints When the weather can suddenly get bad from the Northwest regions. After that, the bad weather should extend to the rest of the country with the possibility of forming a Malicious Mediterranean cyclone: These structures can persist in the atmosphere for several days, causing high rain with accumulative More than 2/300 liters per square meter In no time e Storms along the coasts more exposed. In this context, temperatures will also suffer a critical backlash under the pressure of cold currents from northern Europe.

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And what about the snow?? just in end of the month The directionAnd this is the surprise of the latest seasonal update, It deviates towards early winter, with gradually lower temperatures and average precipitation. If confirmed, it is reasonable to expect The first snow of the season as far as arrow hillsIn preparation for the winter that will approach us at that point.

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