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Tutto finito volo

“In a few days it’s all over”, Il Volo: The news is destroying the fans

Fans of the all-Italian group Il Volo are rising in discontent. Let’s see why and what happens.

Throughout the trip –

The three men from Il volo are currently on a tour throughout Italy.

Il Volo: A Success Story

Piero Baron, Ignacio Pochetto and Gianluca Ginobel make up the lyrical trio known as Il Volo. The winners of a copy of the Sanremo Festival, They have never stopped since 2015. The winning song, which then led them to third place in the Eurovision Song Contest, was titled great love.

Il Volo won by being the first Italian group to sign a direct contract with Geffen, an American pioneer. The boys, all very young, achieved success among the audience because they reinterpreted songs belonging to the classical, Italian and world traditions. Each piece is rearranged in a modern way. In addition to Italian, they also sing in Spanish, English, French and German.

Like all bands, Il volo has also gone through moments of crisis. In April, for example, the trio had a lot of talking about themselves because, with a snapshot posted on social media, they had fans worried. The latter believes that one of the members, Gianluca, was heading to an unknown destination, leaving the other two behind. In fact, he was just heading home.

The round is over

But this time, the fans really rose up. In the middle of the conflict there will be a tour de Il volo which, according to most die-hard fans, He will be very short on dates. After all, the trio is about to finish their summer tour to say goodbye to their fans in September.

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The last date for the tour, in fact, will be in Agrigento tomorrow, July 28. However, on September 2, after a perhaps holiday break, the trio will immediately return to perform in Brescia. After the two dates in September (in addition to Brescia there will be Vicenza on September 3), Il Volo will return to delight fans of her music starting in December.

Flight –

However, the fans They have endured this shortage of dates so badly They almost feel that the three are about to separate or that they do not want to perform. However, the trio proved otherwise. Just think of one of the last concerts, entirely dedicated to a four-year-old girl who is battling a brutal disease: a bilateral half-tibial. Her name is Joe Santabarbara and she dreams of walking. Meanwhile, in Torre del Lago, the young girl realized the dream of being with her idols.