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Friends, Martina with Raffaele after Aka7even: "Let's get to know each other"

Friends, Martina with Raffaele after Aka7even: “Let’s get to know each other”

After the farewell Friends 2021 And advertising Aka7evenMartina He is dating Raphael. To reveal the singer, who was fresh from the show’s experience, would have approached the dancer, once the lights were off.

“I tried to manage the situation because it was really uncomfortable for me – admit it soon -. I had a good friendship with Luca and Martina. I decided to stay away from it and let them dispose of on their own. Anything you’d better try abroad. I didn’t want to go by as the person who separated a couple, as the “bad guy” of the situation, and also because these things don’t belong to me. At home, Martina was a central character to me. I can tell you that today we will get to know each other. “

Bold and talented, Martina was among the film’s undisputed protagonists Friends 2021, Often in the middle of the disagreements between Lorela CocariniDetermined to defend him, e Alessandra Celentano, Ready to challenge her in every way. Over the course of the show, Martina has bonded with her Aka7even. A few weeks after the first kiss, the first quarrels and doubts of the dancer arrived, which was also attracted by the friend of the singer Raphael.

In school the artist participated in spite of himself In the love triangle, He decided to take a step back. With the end of the advertisement path friends Nevertheless, he and Martina chose to give the League a chance. Thus a relationship that would go beyond friendship.

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Guest very rightMartina spoke of Akaven’s farewell. “Our story ended inside the school – he explained -. I did not want him to suffer. There was not just infatuation. He stayed with me through thick and thin. Today he remains in a good relationship, I wish him luck.” As for his approach to Raffaele instead, he added, “I don’t regret anything. I take what happened to me.”

Meanwhile, Akafen continues on her way to a school Friends 2021 To motivate him there Coach is Anna Bettinelli Who in the last episode of the series clashed severely with Rudi Al-Zarbi. Teacher who supports SangiovanniHe is convinced that the artist does not deserve victory.