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Mourning Jerry Scotty, dramatic news and passion. severe pain


Jerry Scotty has had to grapple with many dark times in recent years, he has been bothered by a terrible calamity recently, and his message is moving.

It is not for nothing that he is called Uncle Jerry, specifically Jerry Scotty is a good, cheerful and cheerful self-deprecating soulhe entered like a hurricane in the homes and hearts of Italians who are just waiting for his plans to have a little Italian uncle in the house to keep him company.

Precisely for this reason, there are many programs that he has conducted over the course of his long and successful career and he has always done so With much passion and dedication, qualities that have been widely recognized Also from the mind-boggling numbers you bring home every time it airs.

His kind heart brings him and sympathizes not only with the audience, but also with the competitors he faces head-on during the various game shows he hosts, not to mention all the affection he pours into his social networks, only Jerry Scotty decided to publish a post on his official channel that greatly affected his followers, It is truly touching, shocking news that broke his heart.

Jerry Scotty is a man with a heart as big as his talent

Jerry Scotty’s approach is truly endless, he has made a really interesting journey into the world of entertainment, at first I started collaborating with some smaller radio stations, but it immediately became clear that he was the king of radio, Claudio Chiquito made him an interesting proposal right awayDue to his great talent he was asked to become the first voice of Rajio Dejay.

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A choice that was not easy for Jerry at the time as this made him have to give up an important job in America, fortunately (our) Jerry decided to accept Cecchetto’s offer which prompted him to confess to his parents that he wanted to work. In the world of entertainment.

The successful host himself told a certain anecdote about him, “I was paid so much, so much in benefits, that I was even paid a dentist. So when I said at home that I wanted to give myself up for the show, my mother almost won the love.”

In the end, the results of his talent were more than watched and the choice made many years ago proved to be so successful that today Jerry Scotty is nothing short of heir to Mike Bonjorno, and he’s a much respected date.

In his life everything seems to shine, but in his experience Jerry Scotty had to contend with some really devastating moments.

Jerry Scotty

Terrible illness and hospitalization

also Jerry Scotty She was severely attacked by a terrible evil Who made history in recent years, Covid-19 did not deliver him, indeed Jerry was hospitalized in intensive care at Humanitas Hospital, a privilege in the medical field in our country, but although he was in excellent hands For the host it was a terrifying time.

Indeed, in an interview he publicly thanked all the health workers who had allowed him to smile again after that drama, on that occasion he wanted to tell us about a very intimate aspect of his illness and the fear he feels, “When I was serious, the idea of ​​my niece Virginia helped me: I said to myself, ‘I have to get better because my niece was born in a month and I want to be there,'” And so it was, Uncle Jerry struggled and got out of this hellish situation.

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However, for him, unfortunately, the bad news did not stop appearing only a short time ago He had to face a very painful drama.

A very hard mourning for Jerry Scotty

Jerry Scotty

A few weeks ago, the news of the disappearance of one of the pillars of the programs MediasetPiero Sunaglia The news that ruined everyoneI, Jerry himself dedicated an influential and touching publication to him, “Dear friends, at TSQV I will no longer be able to call ‘Pieroooooooo’ because Piero is gone. We miss the absolute best, always courteous professional with a smile on his face. We really miss him.” A deep and poignant message that caught everyone’s attention.


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