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For the first time with Fiorentina.  In the sixth derby, Mourinho challenges Inter at 16

For the first time with Fiorentina. In the sixth derby, Mourinho challenges Inter at 16

Rome Calendar Series – The league Preparing to leave and Rome Today find out what will be his way in the next tournament: at 6.30 pm, the draw for the calendars took place. For the first time, there will be no consistency in the home and away matches. Provided that there are more than eight rounds of distance between the same go and the match. Team Jose Mourinho It will start in the Olympic stadium against Fiorentina. derby with frequently On the thirty-sixth day. Special One will face his ex-wife Inter for the first time in the 16th round and then in the 34th round. Against Juventus Allegri on 8 and 21. Below is the full schedule for the Giallorossi.

Serie A, Rome calendar draw

38 05-22-22
Turin Rome

Venice Cagliari
Atalanta Empoli
Fiorentina – Juventus
Genoa Bologna
Inter Sampdoria
Lazio Hellas Verona
Salernitana Udinese
Sassuolo x Milan
Spezia Naples

The thirty-seventh day May 15-22 15
Rome Venice

Bologna Sassuolo
Cagliari – Inter
Empoli Salernitana
Hellas Verona Turin
Juventus – Lazio
Naples Genoa
Sampdoria Fiorentina
Udinese Spezia

The thirty-sixth day of the match 8-05-2022
Fiorentina Roma
Genoa – Juventus
Hellas Verona Milan
Inter Empoli
Lazio Sampdoria
Salernitana Cagliari
Sassuolo Udinese
Spezia Atalanta
Turin Naples
Venice Bologna

Thirty-fifth round 1-05-2022
Rome Bologna

Sampdoria Genoa
Spezia Lazio
Udinese Inter
Atalanta Salernitana
Cagliari Hellas Verona
Empoli Turin
Juventus Venice
AC Milan – Fiorentina
Naples, Sassuolo

34 04-24-2022
between Rome

Bologna Udinese
Empoli Napoli
Genoa Cagliari
Hellas Verona Sampdoria
Lazio vs Milan
Salernitana Fiorentina
Sassuolo – Juventus
Turin Spezia
Venice Atalanta

Day 33 Apr 17-2022
Naples Rome

Atalanta Hellas Verona
Cagliari Sassuolo
Fiorentina Venice
Juventus Bologna
Lazio Turin
Milan Genoa
Sampdoria Salernitana
Spezia Inter
Udinese Empoli

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Thirty-second round 10-04-2022
Rome Salernitana

Bologna Sampdoria
Cagliari – Juventus
Empoli Spezia
Genoa Lazio
Inter Hellas Verona
Naples Fiorentina
Sassuolo Atalanta
Torino Milan
Venice Udinese

Day 31 Apr 3-22 3-
Sampdoria Rome

Atalanta Naples
Fiorentina Empoli
Hellas Verona Genoa
Juventus Inter
Lazio Sassuolo
Milan Bologna
Salernitana Turin
Venice Spezia
Udinese Cagliari

thirtieth day 20-03-2022
Rome Lazio
Bologna Atalanta
Cagliari vs Milan
Empoli Hellas Verona
Genoa Turin
Inter Fiorentina
Juventus Salernitana
Naples Udinese
Sassuolo Spezia
Venice – Sampdoria

Round 29 03-13-2022
Odense Rome

Atalanta Genoa
Fiorentina Bologna
Hellas Verona Naples
Lazio Venice
Milan Empoli
Salernitana Sassuolo
Sampdoria – Juventus
Spezia Cagliari
Torino Inter

Day Twenty-Eighth 6-03-2022
Rome – Atlanta

Bologna Turin
Cagliari Lazio
Fiorentina Hellas Verona
Genoa Ampoli
Inter Salernitana
Juventus Spezia
Naples Milan
Udinese Sampdoria
Venice Sassuolo

Twenty-seventh round Feb 27-2022
Spezia Rome

Turin Cagliari
Atalanta Sampdoria
Empoli vs Juventus
Genoa Inter
Hellas Verona, Venice
Lazio Naples
AC Milan – Udinese
Salerno Bologna
Sassuolo Fiorentina

Twenty-sixth day February 20-22
Rome Hellas Verona

Bologna Spezia
Cagliari Naples
Fiorentina Atalanta
Inter Sassuolo
Juventus Turin
Salernitana Milan
Sampdoria Empoli
Udinese Lazio
Venice Genoa

Twenty-fifth day of the match 2022-02-13
Sassuolo Rome
Atalanta – Juventus
Empoli Cagliari
Genoa Salernitana
Hellas Verona Udinese
Lazio Bologna
AC Milan – Sampdoria
Naples Inter
Spice Fiorentina
Turin Venice

Twenty-fourth day 2022-02-06
rome genoa
Atalanta Cagliari
Bologna Empoli
Fiorentina Lazio
Juventus Hellas Verona
Salerno Spezia
Sampdoria Sassuolo
Udinese Turin
Venice Naples

Twenty-third day 01/23-2022
Empoli Rome

Cagliari Fiorentina
Genoa Udinese
Hellas Verona Bologna
Inter Venice
Lazio Atalanta
AC Milan – Juventus
Naples Salernitana
Spezia Sampdoria
Turin Sassuolo

Twenty-second round 16-1-2022
Atalanta Inter
Bologna Naples
Fiorentina Genoa
Juventus Udinese
Milan Spezia
Salernitana Lazio
Sampdoria Turin
Sassuolo Hellas Verona
Venice Empoli

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Twenty-first day 9-01-2022
roma juventus

Cagliari Bologna
Empoli Sassuolo
Genoa Spezia
Hellas Verona Salernitana
Inter Lazio
Naples Sampdoria
Turin Fiorentina
Udinese Atalanta
Venice and Milan

20 matches today 2022-01-06
Milan – Rome

Atalanta Turin
Bologna – Inter
Lazio Empoli
Salerno Venice
Sampdoria Cagliari
Sassuolo Genoa
Juventus – Napoli
Spezia Verona
Fiorentina Udinese

Matchday 19
Rome – Sampdoria

Empoli Milan
Genoa Atalanta
Hellas Verona Atalanta
Inter Torino
Juventus Cagliari
Naples Spezia
Sassuolo Bologna
Udinese Salernitana

Eighteenth day
Atalanta Rome
Bologna – Juventus
Cagliari Udinese
Fiorentina Sassuolo
Lazio Genoa
Salernitana – Inter
Sampdoria Venice
Spezia Empoli
Turin Hellas Verona

seventeenth day
Rome Spezia
Fiorentina Salernitana
Genoa Sampdoria
Inter Cagliari
Napoli Empoli
Sassuolo Lazio
Turin Bologna
Udinese Milan
Venice – Juventus
Hellas Verona Atalanta

MATCHDAY 16 5-12-2021
Roma Inter

Bologna Fiorentina
Cagliari Fiorentina
Empoli Udinese
Juventus Genoa
Milan Salernitana
Naples Atlanta
Sampdoria Lazio
Spezia Sassuolo
Venice Hellas Verona

Fifteenth Day 12-5-2021
Bologna Rome

Atalanta Venice
Fiorentina Sampdoria
Genoa Milan
Inter Spezia
Lazio Udinese
Salernitana – Juventus
Sassuolo Naples
Turin Empoli
Hellas Verona Cagliari

Matchday 14 2021-12-1
Rome Turin
Cagliari Salernitana
Empoli Fiorentina
Juventus – Atalanta
Milan – Sassuolo
Naples Lazio
Sampdoria Hellas Verona
Spezia Bologna
Udinese Genoa
Venice Inter

Matchday 13 11-28-2021
Genoa Rome
Atalanta Spezia
Venice Bologna
Fiorentina – Milan
Inter Napoli
Lazio Juventus
Salernitana Sampdoria
Sassuolo Cagliari
Turin Udinese
Hellas Verona Empoli

Matchday 12 11-21-2021
Venice Rome
Cagliari Atalanta
Empoli Genoa
Juventus Fiorentina
Lazio Salernitana
Milan Inter
Naples Hellas Verona
Sampdoria Bologna
Spezia Turin
Udinese Sassuolo

eleventh day 2021-11-7
Rome Milan
Atalanta Lazio
Bologna Cagliari
Fiorentina Spezia
Venice Genoa
Inter Udinese
Salernitana Naples
Sassuolo Empoli
Turin Sampdoria
Hellas Verona – Juventus

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day ten 10/31-2021
Cagliari Rome
Empoli Inter
Juventus – Sassuolo
Lazio Fiorentina
Milan – Turin
Naples Bologna
Sampdoria Atalanta
Spezia Genoa
Udinese Hellas Verona
Venice Salernitana

The ninth day 10/24-2021
Rome Naples

Atalanta Udinese
Bologna x Milan
Fiorentina Cagliari
Inter Juventus
Salernitana Empoli
Sampdoria Spezia
Sassuolo Venice
Turin Genoa
Hellas Verona Lazio

Eighth day 10/17-2021
Juventus Roma

Cagliari Sampdoria
Empoli Atalanta
Genoa Sassuolo
Lazio Inter
Milan Hellas Verona
Naples Turin
Spezia Salernitana
Udinese Bologna
Venice Fiorentina

the seventh day 2021-10-03
Rome Empoli
Atalanta Milan
Bologna Lazio
Cagliari Venice
Fiorentina Napoli
Hellas Verona Spezia
Salernitana Genoa
Sampdoria Udinese
Sassuolo vs Inter
Torino – Juventus

Sixth day 09-26-2021
Lazio – Rome

Empoli Bologna
Genoa Hellas Verona
Inter Atalanta
Juventus – Sampdoria
Naples Cagliari
Sassuolo Salernitana
Spezia Milan
Udinese Fiorentina
Venice and Turin

Fifth day 09-22-2021
Rome Odense

Atalanta Sassuolo
Bologna Genoa
Cagliari Empoli
Fiorentina Inter
Milan Venice
Salernitana Hellas Verona
Sampdoria Naples
Spezia – Juventus
Turin Lazio

Fourth day 09-19-2021
Hellas Verona Rome

Empoli Sampdoria
Genoa Fiorentina
Inter Bologna
Juventus Milan
Lazio Cagliari
Salerno Atalanta
Sassuolo Turin
Udinese Naples
Venice – Spezia

the third day 12-09-2021
Roma Sassuolo
Atalanta Fiorentina
Bologna Hellas Verona
Cagliari Genoa
Ampoli of Venice
AC Milan – Lazio
Napoli – Juventus
Sampdoria Inter
Udinese Spezia
Turin Salernitana

Second day: 08/29/2021
Salernitana Rome

Atalanta Bologna
Fiorentina Turin
Genoa Naples
Hellas Verona Inter
Juventus Empoli
Lazio Spezia
Milan Cagliari
Sassuolo Sampdoria
Udinese Venice

Day 1 2021-22-08
Bologna Salernitana
Cagliari Spezia
Empoli Lazio
Verona Sassuolo
Inter Genoa
Naples Venice
Roma Fiorentina
Sampdoria Milan
Turin Atalanta
Udinese – Juventus