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Food stamp strike on June 15, bars and supermarkets will not accept tickets – Economy

confirmed itFood stamp strike for June 15th, when they are not accepted in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets and supermarkets of the main trade and distribution associations: Ancd Conad, ANCC Coop, Federdistribuzione, FIEPET-Confesercenti, Fida and Fipe-Confcommercio. Federdistribuzione reminds us in a note that this is a “strict measure” (communicated to consumers by press and labels), “which has become necessary to urgently demand the government overhaul of the meal voucher system with a view to maintaining an important service for millions of workers and making it economically sustainable”.

Reasons for the strike – “In Italy we have unfair commissions, which are the highest in Europe. We are talking about 20% of the face value of each voucher. It is a mechanism that is greatly influenced by the reductions obtained by Consip in the absolute bids with the logic of the maximum discount.
It is a pity that the savings the Public Procurement Center manages to have in waiving so many meal vouchers is largely canceled out by the tax credit that the exporting companies get for the VAT difference between the applicable rates of sale and collection. Our companies pay the bill,” says Alberto Frausen, President of Federdistribuzione.
“We want meal vouchers, a valuable service to millions of workers and families, to continue to be used in the future, but this will only be possible on the basis of reasonable economic conditions and a radical reform of the current system that pays unsustainable commissions to companies and jeopardizes their economic balance,” concludes Frausen.

Consumer association protest – “Once again, Italian consumers are used as hostages by distribution organizations and restaurants on a large scale for claims that, even if true in substance, end in harming only and exclusively citizens.” This was stated by the consumer associations Adoc, Adiconsum, Assoutenti and Federconsumatori, who firmly rejected the meal voucher strike called for tomorrow, June 15. “If the protest against the unfavorable terms of meal vouchers is correct in its motives, then the person against whom the strike was taken, the consumer, is completely wrong, because only the users will pay for it. The initiative understands why the large-scale distribution enterprises and retailers did not consider the protests Against Consip and Mef, who are solely responsible for the conditions imposed on shopping tickets “The four associations referring to ‘anti-meal strike’ coupons continue to call on Italian consumers to abandon supermarkets” and postpone shopping.

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