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Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Montana and Yellowstone Park.

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Flooding in Montana and Yellowstone National Parks
Flooding in Montana and Yellowstone National Parks

Southern Montana was attacked Sediment rainIt added a quick, Snow meltingThey were provoked Unprecedented flood. The first data speaks of 76mm in three days. Many foundations were submerged in water and mud, some bridges were washed away and parts of the road were submerged. As a result, Yellowstone National Park was evacuated and temporarily closed.

Despite the destruction of numerous houses and other buildings, There were no immediate reports of injuries. Yellowstone officials said they were assessing the damage caused by the storm Bridges were swept away, landslides occurred, villages were isolated and evacuated by boat and helicopter.. It is not yet clear how many visitors were trapped or forced to leave the park and how many residents were rescued and evacuated outside the park. There has also been some severe damage to the Yellowstone access communities in the northern part of the park and southern Montana. Photos from the North Yellowstone National Park Service show landslides from the Gartner and Lamar rivers, faded bridges and flood-cut roads.

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