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Fixed Coupon Fixed Rate at 26%

Italian rents are likely to suffer a sharp rise.

Unfortunately, at a time that is certainly not easy for families, bad news arrives from tax reform.

Mauricio Brambati / ANSA

The tax reform that the government wants will see an increase in the flat rate tax From 21% to 26%. This is a real sting on the rents that renters pay.

Sting on tenants

Let’s try to understand why. Currently, homeowners are renting an apartment You must pay a flat tax of 21%. So the rental tax is currently 21%. But with the tax reform being discussed dry coupon It will likely drop to 26%.


A really important increase because the dry coupon had the task of taking out many black contracts. According to experts, this increase from 21 to 26% will be one Strong capacity on homeowners who are already paying, on top of that, a large IMU and who are afraid to increase the IMU as well After repairing the land registry. So now it’s very likely that homeowners will be able to re-sting on the flat rate coupon at 26%. more rentals. But the last word has not yet been said.

Large increases in rents are expected

In fact, if the center left pushes the dry coupon down to 26% The center right makes the barriers. Ultimately, there is a risk that in addition to homeowners, renters will pay Certainly a weak segment of the population. But what would happen if the fixed rate coupon had already exceeded 26%? Renting a house will become considerably more troublesome. Indeed Property management costs are increasing dramatically Among the increasingly expensive jobs, the IMU that almost certainly increased significantly and now also this potential reform of the flat rate tax.

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The next bite

So it is clear that paying rent will become more expensive Because it is clear that renting an apartment must raise the rent in order for it to be understandable. The center-left sees this tax as a tax of a social nature that strikes the wealthiest classes in order to allow the state to help the poorest. But the effect not directly The tenants are likely to turn this tax into a rebound effect that can strike and they are precisely those tenants who are now they struggle to pay rent.