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1200 euros in salaries |  Air conditioner nightmare

1200 euros in salaries | Air conditioner nightmare

Irpef bonus directly in the paycheck, the rules on air conditioners and banknotes worth gold: three topical topics for the largest number of tips

Summer, the time of shows but above all, the time of spending. Those who are on vacation, of course, for those who have managed to save enough to be able to enjoy a moment of rest. Then autumn will arrive that It will force you to make calculations and check economic availability Enough to meet the first expenses of the cold season. For now, just remember that there are a series of waivers ready to be issued to taxpayers. One of these is undoubtedly the Irpef bonus, which is ready to guarantee a contribution of 1,200 euros per year.

Irpef bonus: 1,200 euros in paychecks

There are specific income limits for accessing the Irpef bonus. The possibility is to get increases specifically to support income in the difficult period. In this case, the maximum is 40 thousand euros, after which you will not be entitled to the bonus. Social pillow will be guaranteed Within 100 Euros per month For entry up to 28 thousand euros. Between 97 and 80 euros per month for income between 28,001 and 35 thousand euros. Finally, for incomes between 35001 and 40 thousand, it will rise from 80 to 0 euros per month. In fact, a promotion for Renzi’s bonus designed for paychecks. However, for those who stay abroad, there will be other opportunities to replenish their income.

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Air conditioner, pay attention to the installation: fines are triggered

Installing an air conditioner is only a secondary process. Careful planning and, above all, compliance with exact rules are needed. Sometimes both regulate energy issue and environmental issue. In case of violation of the regulations, the danger lies in incurring very high fines. for example , To install air conditioners They must be F-Gas certified technicians, as required by community legislation. Furthermore, new devices must be categorized into high energy classes, in order to reduce the environmental (and economic) impact. We must be careful: controls can be triggered at any time and can concern not only producers but consumers as well.

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Gold banknotes: If you have this, you have a treasure

Have you ever wondered about the value of old banknotes? Maybe yes and the answer is not all that enlightening. Certain pieces of ancient coin can truly represent a treasure. Our staircase can be considered the casket that contains it. This is the case, for example, One thousand lira banknote depicting Giuseppe Verdi. Today it would be worth 50 cents but its historical value is much higher. Indeed, in perfect condition, it can reach 700 euros.

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Of course, the emotional factor is much higher. That piece of paper reminds us of days gone by. A little nostalgia attacks us every time.